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Have you had a look at Instant Workbook yet? Have a look below at the new Instant Workbook sample exercise that is available from English-To-Go.

* Today's Top Teaching Tips!... "Do your students have inconsistent listening skills?"
* Instant Workbook............. Sample Exercise!
* Elementary Lesson............ "Prison Web Site"
* Intermediate Lesson.......... "Noisy Yoga"
* Advanced Lesson.............. "Life Saving Computing"
* Anna Grammar................. "Verbs - Transitives"
* Weekly Warmer................ "Hot Potato Vocabulary Game"
* Self Access.................. "End of the Road for Rickshaws"
* Max Vocab.................... "School"
* The Last Word................ "A Man's Home..."

Today's Top Teaching Tips! - "Students' listening skills are inconsistent. Formal tasks are OK, but they don't follow class instructions.
* Try a 'sink or swim' policy. Don't repeat instructions. Tell them you are going to do this and why.
* When stuck, have them help each other. Evaluate later.
* Do a lesson on 'following instructions'.

Instant Workbook - Sample Exercise!

You can now have a look at an Instant Workbook Sample Exercise from your students' perspective. Teachers get additional functionality with the ability to control access to the exercises by creating and allocating passwords.

Elementary Lesson - "Prison Web Site"
Thai crooks can now find out what it's like in Thailand's prisons. Prisoners have made a new web site which has tips on living in prison. (Prison, criminals, the Internet, word order, use of as...as.) Available from 10 May 2002

Intermediate Lesson - "Noisy Yoga"
A trendy London yoga institute known as a haven of peace and relaxation has come under attack from local residents -- for being too noisy. (Yoga, neighbors, summarizing, word forms, letter of complaint.) Available from 15 May 2002

Advanced Lesson - "Life Saving Computing"
Scientists using the power of more than a million home computers, all cranking along as one, have come up with thousands of possible compounds that could be developed as a cure for anthrax. (Computers, networks, health, research, scanning, intensive reading, present participles.) Available from 15 May 2002

Anna Grammar - "Verbs - Transitives"
Chistina in Spain has sent Anna a lovely letter which looks at the "most enjoyable things about grammar". Available from 15 May 2002

Weekly Warmer - "Hot Potato Vocabulary Game"
This warmer is a noisy and energetic way to review vocabulary by asking questions. Available from 15 May 2002

Max Vocab - "School"
Max takes us on a journey through the history of words associated with places of learning. Available from 15 May 2002

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SelfAccess - "Hong Kong's colourful rickshaws reach end of road"
This week's lesson looks at technology, tradition, culture and progress. Practice doing some sentence transformations and organising ideas for an argumentative essay.

The Last Word
A man's home is his castle - in a manor of speaking!

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