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Has your favourite team made it through to the second round of the Soccer World Cup? It seems like the world has gone soccer mad! Engage your students' imagination by teaching some of our lessons on soccer.

The interest in our World Cup T-shirt has been amazing! You can still tell your friends and fellow teachers about the English-To-Go site. You have to be in to win.

* Today's Top Teaching Tips!... "Are your students off task?"
* Instant Workbook............. "Sorry About That!"
* Elementary Lesson............ "Bengal Tigers"
* Intermediate Lesson.......... "Concerns for Child Asthma Sufferers"
* Advanced Lesson.............. "Cancer Risk Starts Early"
* Anna Grammar................. "Comparatives - the more you..."
* Weekly Warmer................ "The ole ball game"
* Self Access.................. "Disney Magic?"
* The Last Word................ "Is it true that...?"

Today's Top Teaching Tips! - "Are your students off task?"
* Reconsider class groupings and desk placement.
* Check tasks. Are they real, meaningful, useful?
* Appoint team leaders for group tasks. Each student has responsibility for one aspect. Each must contribute if the whole group is to achieve its goal.
* Be enthusiastic and involved yourself.

Instant Workbook Intermediate - "Sorry About That!"
Britain invades Spain! History? In fact, it was an accidental invasion by British troops in February 2002! Available 12 June 2002

Elementary - "Bengal Tigers"
The number of people killed by Bengal tigers in Bangladesh has risen in 2002. Wildlife officials blame poaching for the high numbers of people killed. It appears that poaching teaches tigers to hate humans. Available from 11 June 2002

Intermediate - "Concerns for Child Asthma Sufferers"
Laughter is not always the best medicine -- at least not for children with asthma. Available from 11 June 2002

Advanced - "Cancer Risk Starts Early"
Lifestyle during the first 20 years of life is a more important factor than one's origin when defining the risk of cancer, two Swedish studies on first- and second-generation immigrants show. Available from 11 June 2002

Anna Grammar - "Comparatives - the more you..."
Wanda from Germany asks about the construction the more you work, the more you tire. Available from 12 June 2002

Weekly Warmer - "The ole ball game"
This is a fun warmer before a lesson about sports. Available from 12 June 2002

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Self Access - "Disney Magic?"
This week's lesson looks at tourism, pollution and employment. For
millions around the world, Mickey Mouse means laughter and magic, but
for some in Hong Kong, Disney has brought only sadness.

The Last Word
Is it true that sea captains don't like crew cuts?

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