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We hope that you've enjoyed using our lessons based around the Soccer World Cup. The quarter finals will be so exciting. It's anyone's guess as to who the winner will be!

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* Today's Top Teaching Tips!... "Are you a new teacher?"
* Instant Workbook............. "High on Music"
* Elementary Lesson............ "Finders Keepers"
* Intermediate Lesson.......... "Irukandji Sting"
* Upper Intermediate Lesson.... "Scientists Go Back to the Future"
* Anna Grammar................. "Nouns as Adjectives?"
* Weekly Warmer................ "The Right Mood"
* Self Access.................. "Po'ouli"
* The Last Word................ "The name Pavlov often rings a bell"

Today's Top Teaching Tips! - "Are you a new teacher?"
If you are a new teacher and you are given conflicting advice on what to do, try these tips.
* Listen, absorb and try out the suggestions that sound useful.
* If it doesn't work, discard it.
* If it works, use it again. There's always more than one way to do everything.
* Don't forget to experiment!

Instant Workbook - There are now over 25 Instant Workbook exercises for students based on Instant Lessons! Have you had a chance to have a look yet? We are interested to hear your comments and suggestions. You can have a look at http://www.instantworkbook.com

Instant Workbook - Pre-Intermediate - "High on Music"
Thailand has some new recruits for its war against the country's narcotics problem -- a team of convicts jailed for drug offenses have formed the country's first ever prison choir. Available 19 June 2002

Elementary - "Finders Keepers"
Two Australian families are arguing over $10,000 in cash dug up by a gardener in a back garden. Available 19 June 2002

Intermediate - "Irukandji Sting"
A US tourist has become the second foreign visitor to Australia to die after being stung by an Irukandji, a tiny, translucent jellyfish for which there is no known antivenin. Available 19 June 2002

Upper-Intermediate - "Scientists Go Back to the Future"
British scientists hope to exhume the body of a young woman who died in the 1918 influenza pandemic to examine the virus that claimed up to 40 million lives worldwide. Available 19 June 2002

Anna Grammar - "Nouns as adjectives?"
Denise from Brazil passes on a student's questions about the order of adjectives and the use of "of". Available 19 June 2002

Weekly Warmer - "The right mood"
This is a way of getting students into the right frame of mind for studying; especially if your class is after lunch time. Available 19 June 2002

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SelfAccess - "Po'ouli"
This week's lesson looks at an attempt to save a rare Hawaiian bird. You can also do an exercise to help you understand referencing within a text.

The Last Word
The name Pavlov often rings a bell.

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