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Did you know that there are now over 30 Instant Workbook exercises? You can set up these exercises for your students to do in the computer lab, or at home as homework.

All exercises are based on Instant Lessons and the other English-To-Go resources such as Anna Grammar. Just look for the blue and white symbol next to a lesson which indicates that there is a matching Instant Workbook exercise.

When you click on the symbol you will be taken to the Instant Workbook website. Here, you select the desired 5-day period for the relevant exercise that you want made available to your students. Give the username and password which is provided to all of your students and tell them to do the exercise at http://www.instantworkbook.com. That's all there is to it!

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* Today's Top Teaching Tips!... "Are you considering multiple job offers?"
* Instant Workbook............. "Work Internet Stopped"
* Elementary Lesson............ "Can't Face the Stairs"
* Intermediate Lesson.......... "Single Mothers Lose Benefits"
* Upper Intermediate Lesson.... "Europeans Get Slim"
* Anna Grammar................. "Verbs - past continuous and past simple"
* Weekly Warmer................ "Phonemic Vocabulary Cards"
* Max Vocab.................... "Home Sweet Home"
* The Last Word................ "Headlines..."

Today's Top Teaching Tips! - "I've been offered two plum teaching jobs.
Which one should I take?"

* List the advantages and disadvantages of each, side by side on paper. Go for the most challenging. There's nothing worse than boredom.
* Consider which one offers the better professional development opportunities (and financial support towards these).

Instant Workbook - Advanced - "Work Internet Stopped"

Major corporations are increasingly classifying employee email and Internet privileges as potential security hazards, distractions or worse, costly legal dangers in the making. Students can complete this exercise by choosing the correct vocabulary items and also by writing a memo.

Elementary - "Can't Face the Stairs"
Three elderly British holidaymakers who disappeared while traveling in France and started a huge manhunt have turned up safely, happily enjoying their holiday. Available from 03 July 2002

Intermediate - "Single Mothers Lose Benefits"
Japan's cash-strapped government has decided to clamp down on child care benefits for single mothers, blaming a rising divorce rate for a big rise in costs. Available from 03 July 2002

Upper-Intermediate - "Europeans Get Slim"
Guilt-ridden Europeans hoping to squeeze themselves into last year's swimsuits will spend a total of 96 billion euros (US$90.1 billion) annually on dieting products by 2006. Available from 03 July 2002

Anna Grammar - "Verbs - past continuous and past simple"
Nadir asks about using the past continuous and a past simple in the same sentence. Available 03 July 2002

Weekly Warmer - "Phonemic Vocabulary Cards"
This is a vocabulary warmer that empowers students, as they are usually very amused at my attempts to pronounce words in their language. Available 03 July 2002

Max Vocab - "Home Sweet Home"
Max takes a look at words to do with houses and homes. Available 02 July 2002

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The Last Word
"Although they're not famous, corduroy pillows do make 'headlines'!

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