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* Today's Top Teaching Tips!... "Ongoing and obscure grammar questions"
* Instant Workbook............. "Young Whale Looks For Family"
* Elementary Lesson............ "A Baby's Name"
* Intermediate Lesson.......... "Batter Up!"
* Upper-Intermediate Lesson.... "Divorce Research"
* Anna Grammar................. "Nouns - plurals and irregulars"
* Weekly Warmer................ "Mood Chart"
* Max Vocab.................... "Chef's Helpers"
* The Last Word................ "Capital Gains..."

Today's Top Teaching Tips! - Use these tips to deal with ongoing and obscure grammar questions.
* Indicate you are willing to help, but make an agreed time each week.
* Explain you will be free then, and why your advice is not available 'on tap'.
* Ask students to record and save questions for this time.

Instant Workbook - Intermediate - "Young Whale Looks For Family"
What will happen to the baby whale if she finds her family?
Skills: Listening and Grammar - the first conditional. Available from 25 September 2002

Elementary Lessons - "A Baby's Name"
An angry Italian mother has gone to court after her husband secretly named their newborn son after a prize-winning horse. Available from 25 September 2002

Intermediate Lesson - "Batter Up!"
Baseball managers should forget the traditional batting line-up and put the strongest hitter up second, instead of fourth, to improve the team's performance. Available from 25 September 2002

Upper-Intermediate Lesson - "Divorce Research"
Unhappily married couples often get lots of advice and a new report offers some more: don't divorce, stick it out. Available from 25 September 2002

Anna Grammar - "Nouns - plurals and irregulars"
Ever wondered what fish and sheep have in common? Look at Anna's reply to Midori from Japan and find out. Available from 25 September 2002

Weekly Warmer - "Mood Chart"
This is a great warmer for class dynamics and fluency practice. Available from 25 September 2002

Max Vocab - "Chef's Helpers"
Max takes a look at words for cooking utensils - words like 'pfanna', 'spatha' and 'hlaedel'! Available from 25 September 2002

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The Last Word - "Capital Gains..."
The Tax Department can be described as a capital gains deal: from everything you earn, the "Capital" gains.

Quote of the week: "When life does not find a singer to sing her heart, she produces a philosopher to speak her mind." Khalil Gibran.

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