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On 12 November 2002 we are hosting the World's Largest Lesson! It is our attempt to get as many teachers from around the globe teaching the same English-To-Go Instant Lesson(tm) within a 24-hour period.

There are two record attempts. We are trying to break last year's World's Largest Lesson record and we are also trying to set a new Guinness World Record for the Largest Simultaneous Lesson! By registering your intent to participate you automatically become part of our attempt to break the English-To-Go record; however you must be able to teach the lesson at a specific time in your country to be eligible for the Guinness Record.

It is FREE to participate, so tell your fellow teachers, friends and students! We want to make this year's event bigger and better than the last! There are great prizes to be won, too.

We invite you to participate in the event. Click below for more information and to register.


If you have questions about the World's Largest Lesson, please send an email to wll@english-to-go.com

SelfAccess Extended Trial
The extended trial of SelfAccess.net has come to an end. We hope that you enjoyed the additional time to use the lessons and we would like to thank you for your participation, feedback and encouragement.

The extended access to SelfAccess.net has been replaced by a bigger and better SelfAccess.com! There is an ever-growing library of lessons which can be accessed by going to http://www.selfaccess.com.

Don't forget to update your bookmarks!

* Instant Workbook............. "I Want To Be Alone"
* Pre-Intermediate Lesson...... "Expensive Weddings"
* Intermediate Lesson.......... "That's My Kind of Music"
* Upper-Intermediate Lesson.... "Lying College Students"
* Anna Grammar................. "Confusables - Come and Go"
* Weekly Warmer................ "Name Game"

Instant Workbook - Intermediate - "I Want To Be Alone"

Who got the job? Do these follow-up exercises to interview the candidates and then read about who did get the job. Date: 16 October 2002
Skills: Question and paragraph ordering, reading comprehension.

Pre-Intermediate Lesson - "Expensive Weddings"
Marrying in Shanghai now costs the average Chinese worker eight years of salary. Date: 16 October 2002

Intermediate Lesson - "That's My Kind of Music"
Boston transit police have enlisted the late American composers George Gershwin and John Philip Sousa in their fight against crime. Date: 16 October 2002

Upper-Intermediate Lesson - "Lying College Students"
According to a new study, most American undergraduate students say the excuses they use to wriggle out of academic deadlines are little more than bald-faced lies 70% of the time. Date: 16 October 2002

Anna Grammar - Confusables - "Come and Go"
Vanessa asks for help with explaining the difference between 'coming to' and 'going to' to her elementary class. Date: 16 October 2002

Weekly Warmer - "Name Game"
This activity can be followed up the next day by calling the role using students' names and their 'likes'. It's a great way to learn everyone's name quickly. Date: 16 October 2002

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Quote of the week: "The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work." Emile Zola (1840-1902)

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