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The World's Largest Lesson is now available for download from the English-To-Go website.

You will need to download the instructions too. Follow the easy-to-use, color- coded instruction flow chart depending on which attempt you are involved in.

Download the lesson and make copies of the lesson for your students. Be careful not to include the "Teachers' notes and answer key" at the bottom of the lesson, and don't let students have access to the lesson prior to the 12th of November 2002!

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We need as many teachers and students as possible to take part in the record attempt. There is less than a week to go. Please tell all of your friends, students, and colleagues about this event.

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Don't forget that there are free Instant Workbook exercises for your students based on the World's Largest Lesson. You can get the details in the teachers' notes at the end of the lesson.

There is also a FREE SelfAccess.com lesson related to the landmines lesson at http://www.selfaccess.com

If you have any questions send an email to wll@english-to-go.com

* Instant Workbook............. "Model E Ford"
* FREE RESOURCE................ "The World's Largest Lesson - Landmine Danger"
* Pre-Intermediate............ "Checking Up on Supplies"
* Upper-Intermediate Lesson.... "You Can't Copy That!"
* Advanced Intermediate........ "Ecstasy Warning"
* Anna Grammar................. "Prepositions - in and for"
* Weekly Warmer................ "Who is This Person?"

Instant Workbook - Upper-Intermediate to Advanced - "Model E Ford"
Topic: Memos in the workplace.
Skills: Writing a business memo. Complete the text by inserting the
missing clauses. Available from 06 November 2002

Pre-Intermediate Lesson - "Checking Up on Supplies"
The counting of toilet roll paper was successful for a British worker who won his employer thousands of pounds in compensation after he discovered that some rolls were not as long as they should be. Available from 06 November 2002

Upper-Intermediate Lesson - "You Can't Copy That!"
A copyright dispute over two pieces of silence, one by American avant-garde composer John Cage and the other by a composer best known for novelty tunes, has been settled. Available from 06 November 2002

Advanced Lesson - "Ecstasy Warning"
Ecstasy, the popular "club drug" favored by young partygoers, may damage the same brain cells hurt in Parkinson's disease, U.S. researchers said. Available from 06 November 2002

Anna Grammar - "Prepositions - in and for"
Stella from Japan asks about the coldest winter in years. Available from 06 November 2002

Weekly Warmer - "Who is This Person?"
This warmer is good review activity for Elementary-level students, but it can be adapted for students of all levels to practice asking questions, listening to others and writing information. Available from 06 November 2002

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Quote of the week: "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." - Sherlock Holmes (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1859-1930)

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