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There are exciting changes coming to the English-To-Go website. We are improving many aspects of our website, including more information about our three different products and about our company. The changes will take effect soon and we hope they will make using our site easier and more enjoyable.

We will continue to send information in the newsletters about the changes you can expect to see, including instructions on how to use and navigate the new site.
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Featured Lessons:
March 8th marks the United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace. We have selected a number of lessons that you can use to celebrate Women's Rights and teach your students about this important day.
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Here are this week's new resources:

Instant Workbook - Elementary - "Smiling Bank Robber"
Losing his smile gave this robber away.
Skills: Reading comprehension, pronouns and past simple forms.

Advanced Instant Lesson - "Peace Training Grounds"
McCarthy loves the long-shot. Good thing, too, because the journalist-turned-peace activist is betting that warlike humanity will some day evolve into enlightened creatures guided by love and harmony.

Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson - "Don't Be Alarmed!"
Police in Los Angeles have settled on a new way of handling those pesky burglar alarms that take up so much of their time. They will now ignore them -- unless someone can prove that there is a genuine emergency.

Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson - "An Unusual Job"
A missile storage space on a US aircraft carrier is a strange place to find a car salesman, but Paul St Pierre has spent the last five years on US navy ships selling motorbikes and cars to sailors with plenty of time on their hands and nowhere to spend their money.

Anna Grammar - "On a team" and "In a team"
Anna answers a question about "Tom and I are on the same volleyball team" and "Tom and I are in the same volleyball team".

Weekly Warmer - Idioms - True and False - Feet and Fingers
By popular demand, another warmer about idioms that encourages discussion and should also be a lot of fun!

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Quote of the week:
"We are rich only through what we give, and poor only through what we refuse." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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