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Weekly Warmer
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You can find these competitions in the Teachers' Room.

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Here are this week's new resources:

Instant Workbook - Intermediate - A Different Taste in Music
Topic: Learn about vegetables and the vegetable orchestra.
Skills: Vocabulary, memory game and rebuilding an article.

Elementary Instant Lesson - Smiling Cities
Smiling can be a thankless task in some British cities, where a survey shows not many people smile back. (Human behavior, friendliness in big cities, asking and answering questions, information exchange, true or false, a, an, the, pair crossword, research project, discussion.)

Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson - Police Cars For Sale
A Charlotte, N.C. company, Government Acquisitions, has come up with a plan to provide police departments free cruisers in exchange for having the cars sport advertising reminiscent of blurbs seen on NASCAR race cars. (Police departments and advertising, discussion, sequencing, matching information, true, false or not mentioned, expressing an opinion, listing advantages or disadvantages, have / get something done)

Anna Grammar - Does 'the' in names have a capital 'T'?
In the sentence "I study at the University of Florida" is "the" with a capital letter as part of the name, or not?

Weekly Warmer - Upper-Intermediate - Idioms - True and False - Sport
This warmer about idioms encourages discussion and is also a lot of fun!

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Quote of the week:
"Don't be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn't do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn't know what you know today." - Malcolm X

Have a great week teaching!
The English-To-Go Team.
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