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New Featured Lessons - Lessons with Crossword Puzzles
Crossword puzzles are a wonderful tool for revising and extending students' vocabulary. Have you tried using pair crosswords they are great fun for students and excellent for encouraging collaborative learning. This week's featured lessons all have crosswords.
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Here are this week's new resources:

Pre-Intermediate Instant Workbook - AK-47
Hear about Kalashnikov's latest venture and practice using the structure "I wish...".
Skills: Listening and grammar - talking about regrets.

Elementary Instant Lesson - Round The English Channel
A British sailor has abandoned his round-the-world voyage after taking twice the time needed to sail round the world just to leave the English Channel. (Sailing, strange but true stories, gap fill, reading for gist, reading for detail, choosing the best headline, talking about the weather, discussion, identifying verb forms, role play, weather words crossword.)

Intermediate Instant Lesson - How To Spot The Hit
Picking the next worldwide hit song could soon be as easy as running a software program that is designed to spot the hits before they are released. (Hit songs, record companies, predicting using a headline, correcting mistakes, complete the information, writing questions, talking about music game, infinitive of purpose, role play.)

Anna Grammar - "By" and "Until"
When to use "by" and when to use "until".

Weekly Warmer - Sharon's Game - Homonyms
This warmer is a fun way for students to show off their vocabulary knowledge and artistic skills.

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Quote of the week:
"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure." - Bill Cosby.

Have a great week teaching!
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