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Special Microfinance Lesson
Microfinance has proved to be one of the most powerful engines in the global effort to end the crushing poverty that deprives hundreds of millions of the world's people of sustenance and hope. This week's Intermediate Lesson "Loans for Hope" will be available for everybody to use for the next month. It also has a matching Instant Workbook exercise. Both can be found on the English-To-Go homepage.

To support the global effort to end poverty English-To-Go will donate 20% of every new subscription to the South Pacific Business Development Foundation (SPBD). SPBD is a Grameen Bank style micro finance organization serving those living in poverty in the Pacific Islands. Their first target market is the island nation of Samoa. SPBD's mission is to improve the quality of life of poor families in Samoa by providing training, unsecured credit and ongoing motivation and guidance to help them start and grow small businesses.

Invite your friends and colleagues to do these lessons which can be found on the English-To-Go homepage.

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Featured Lessons - Lessons With Speaking Activities
"I want my students to talk more! They are reluctant to talk in English." Here are some examples of resources that will get lower level students speaking.
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Here are this week's new resources:

Intermediate Instant Workbook -Loans for Hope
We talk to the CEO of a microfinance company.
Skills: Listening and vocabulary - using prefixes. There are 4 exercises for you to do.

Intermediate Instant Lesson - Loans for Hope
Maqsood is one of more than 1,600 beneficiaries of a micro-credit program launched by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Afghanistan. The program provides interest-free loans to disabled Afghans eager to start their own small-sized businesses. There is also an interview with the founder of SPBD, a microfinance organisation in Samoa. (Microeconomics, microfinance, Afghanistan, jigsaw reading, vocabulary in context, comprehension, past perfect, synonyms, discussion.)

Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson - Business Travelers Can't Afford to Skip Breakfast
Corporate travelers need to be alert and ready to deal from the moment they wake up. So, skipping breakfast is not recommended, nutritionists say. (Business travel, business culture, importance of breakfast, nutrition, quiz, reading for the main idea, reading and comparing, finding ideas, functional language - ordering from a menu, apologizing and greeting, summarizing, dialogue, find someone who...)

Anna Grammar - Modal Auxiliaries
Anna answers a question from Jordan about the perfect tense of modal auxiliaries.

Weekly Warmer - Idioms - True and False - Flies and Bees
This warmer about idioms encourages discussion and should also be a lot of fun!

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Quote of the week:
"You can't win unless you learn how to lose." - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Have a great week teaching!
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