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Featured Lessons - Lessons With Jigsaw Reading Activities
This week's featured lessons require students to read different texts and then cooperate to share information or discuss questions. This kind of activity is excellent for promoting interaction between students and lots of opportunities to practice speaking.
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Here are this week's new resources:

Upper-Intermediate Instant Workbook - Not To Your Taste?
Vegetables, vegetables. Listen to Susan's story. She claims she was the worst kid at eating vegetables.
Skills: Listening and vocabulary - a vegetarian crossword puzzle and matching pictures.

Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson - A Rude Passenger
A Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Brisbane, Australia made an unscheduled stop to eject a passenger who became unruly after a heated argument with his girlfriend. The man may have to pay the A$25,000 bill. (Airplane travel, passenger behavior, sequencing, summarizing, discussion, true or false, interview, word forms, pair crossword.)

Intermediate Instant Lesson - Everest Anniversary
As he marks the 50th anniversary of reaching the roof of the world, a now gray-haired and stooped Sir Edmund Hillary doesn't care if he really was the first to the top of Mount Everest. (Everest, Mallory, Hillary and Norgay, mountain climbing, anniversary of historic climb, matching information, sequencing, scrambled questions, complete the sentences, comparing pictures, true, false or not given, crossword.)

Anna Grammar - "Since"
"Anna, I need your help. I have to explain the proper use of the word "since". Could you help me on this?"

Weekly Warmer - Conversation Strips - Banking
This warmer nicely complements lessons having to do with everyday or survival English.

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Quote of the week:
"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world."
- Buddha.

Have a great week teaching!
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