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Featured Lessons - Ozone Day 2003!
In 1994 the UN proclaimed September 16 the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. This year's theme is "Save Our Sky: There is a Hole Lot More to Do for Our Children." Our new featured lessons focus on the environment. Use these to get your students involved in saving the planet!
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Free Online English Lesson!
To support the UN initiatives to preserve the Ozone layer we are offering the following SelfAccess lesson for free!

Science on Global Warming - Factbox
The environment, international responsibility, global warming.
Skills: Selecting headings for paragraphs, listening for meaning and specific information, scanning for specific information, organising ideas for an argumentative Task 2 essay.

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Free Microfinance Lesson
"Loans for hope" and the matching Instant Workbook exercise are still available from the English-To-Go homepage. There is also a free SelfAccess online lesson "A Model of Self-reliance" for everybody to use. Click here to go to the lessons.

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Here are this week's new resources:

Instant Workbook - Stressed! Stressed! Stressed!
Topic: What causes work stress?
Skills: Understanding graphs and using linking words. There are 4 exercises to do.
Level: Advanced

Instant Lesson - Lights Out!
Topic: U.S. supermarkets and restaurants had to throw away mountains of spoiled vegetables, meats and dairy products, while others were counting on backup generators to minimize losses from the largest power outage in North America's history. (Power failure and the effects of a blackout on supermarkets and restaurants, predicting from the headline, sequencing, comprehension, true, false or not given, word forms, peer dictation.)
Level: Intermediate

Instant Lesson - Stressed! Stressed! Stressed!
Topic: Job stress is a leading cause of illness, depression and workplace violence in America today and is increasing, experts say. (Stress in the workplace, causes, business, sharing opinions and fluency speaking practice, understanding the headline, matching information, reading for information, spot the mistake - grammatical errors, sequencing game.)
Level: Advanced

Anna Grammar - "to be" Used in the Wrong Way
"I would like help to encourage my ESOL students NOT to use the verb 'to be' in front of the simple present or past. Are they getting it mixed up with the Passive?"

Weekly Warmer - Find Someone Who - Languages
This warmer gets students out of their seats and asking other students questions about languages and places.

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Quote of the week:
"There is more to life than increasing its speed." -Mohandas Gandhi.

Have a great week teaching!
The English-To-Go Team.
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