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Featured Lessons - World Heart Day 2003!
World Heart Day is on 28 September '03. Don't forget about the featured lessons which help to promote a healthy heart lifestyle.
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Free Online English Lesson for World Heart Day!
The SelfAccess lesson "Fatty Foods Still Too Tempting" is available for free as part of World Heart Day.
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Here are this week's new resources:

Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate Instant Workbook - A Fishy Business
Are there plenty more fish in the sea? Maybe not.
Skills: Answering True, False, Not Given questions and rebuilding a news article.

Intermediate Instant Lesson - T-Rex: Hunter?
For a century, the towering Tyrannosaurus Rex has been regarded as a savage killer marauding unchallenged across the later dinosaur era. But a new exhibition asks whether the monster meat-eater was instead a lumbering bully which lived on rotting corpses or used its bulk to rob smaller dinosaurs of their prey. (Tyrannosaurus Rex, dinosaurs, reading for information, completing a table, summarizing, vocabulary extension, listen and draw game, general knowledge quiz, participles, writing a poem.)

Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson - Little Cuts Make Big Difference
Air Canada, which axed thousands of jobs and grounded dozens of planes in its struggle to stay aloft, has declared war on lemons, limes and fruit juice to squeeze out a few more dollars in revenues. (Air travel and business, brainstorming, discussion, understanding the headline, scanning, word hunt, text organization, words with more than one meaning, multiple choice, 'What Kind Of Person Are You?' quiz, web research.)

Anna Grammar - Modals - Collocations
How would you teach collocations, particularly at a beginner's level?

Weekly Warmer - Introduce Yourself With Body Language
This is a different kind of ice-breaker activity guaranteed to get students laughing: Make up a new 'language'!

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Quote of the week:
"To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to." - Kahlil Gibran.

Have a great week teaching!
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