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May 2008 - The World's Largest Lesson

Just under 90 days to go until this year's World's Largest Lesson!

In 2001 English-to-go held the first World's Largest Lesson; an attempt to get as many teachers and students as possible from around the globe to take an English-To-Go.com Instant Lesson. The lesson was on the topic of landmines, and helped raise awareness of the problem of landmines and encouraged people to raise funds to clear landmines.

In that first record attempt teachers from 112 countries took part with their classes. Since that first lesson, English-to-go has hosted further World's Largest Lessons in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006. The lessons have continued to receive high praise and support from participating teachers and students, and a thumbs-up from Sir Paul McCartney.

This year, as part of English-to-go.com's 10th anniversary celebrations, the lesson will focus on two global issues, landmine clearance and the global food crisis, rather than just one. "It's a unique opportunity," said Felicity Mc Cardle and Rachel Ellis, the English-To-Go.com editors responsible for producing the lesson. "It's always amazing to know that so many teachers and students will be focusing on key issues over the same twenty-four hour period. Our job is to make the content meaningful and interesting so that every student will take something away from it. This year's lesson will be quite short so that even teachers just back from the northern summer vacation should be able to fit it in."

Participation in the lesson is free. The lesson itself will be able to be downloaded from the English-To-Go.com website at http://www.english-to-go.com/wll/index.htm before September 3, and teachers will also be able to download a certificate of participation for students.

Please mark September 3 in your calendar and tell your teaching colleagues to do the same. Let's make this year's World's Largest Lesson the biggest success yet!


Newest Resources
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Super Sushi: Intermediate, Instant Lesson, 5/1/08
Sushi's popularity has some drawbacks. Seafood, consumer issues, will used for sudden decisions, writing instructions.

A Model Citizen
: Upper Intermediate, Instant Lesson, 5/2/08
Paris Hilton sees herself as a role model for young women. Movie stars, role models, conducting an interview.

Featured lessons

Featured lessons

Special days in May to celebrate or remember with English-to-go.com resources:

Mother's Day May 11;

International Museum Day May 18

Boxing On
: Elementary, Instant Lesson.
Boxing, women, occupations, present simple tense, family words.

Woman Remembers Three Centuries,: Upper Intermediate, Instant Lesson.
Longevity, biography, arranged marriages, crossword, listening and matching, debate.

When was it built?; Pre-Intermediate, Weekly Warmer.
Famous buildings, using the passive, asking and answering questions.


This month's teaching point

From Imperatives, A Grammar Worksheet from Anna Grammar.

When we want to tell people how to do something, we often write instructions to show them how it is done.

Before you begin, think about who you are writing the instructions for (your audience) and why you are writing the instructions (your purpose).

o Who is your audience?
o What information do you know about them?
o How can this information affect your style?
o What is the purpose of the instructions?



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