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Our 'Most Wanted Resource' competition!

Would you like a resource or lesson created especially for your class by us? Do you need to teach a particular topic or language point? Why not enter our "Most Wanted Resource" competition?  The winning entry will be turned into an English-to-go.com printable resource!
The resource will include a dedication to the winner with a photo of them and their class. We'll also  make it a free monthly resource so that thousands of teachers and students can see the winner and their students when they visit http://www.english-to-go.com and use the resource in class.

How do I enter?
Send a brief email to editor@english-to-go.com telling us what kind of resource you need (an Instant Lesson, a vocabulary or grammar worksheet, a speaking resource or a warmer), what level this resource would be for (elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate or advanced) and other details like age of students, suggested language point or topic of interest.

What will I win?
If you win, you will be featured in a new resource which will then be put up in the English-to-go.com Teachers' libraries on www.english-to-go.com and displayed as the Free Monthly Resource for one month.  The resource will include a dedication to you and your students with a photo of you and your class, if you wish.  We will also mail you a printed copy of the resource personally signed by the Editor of English-to-go.com.

Do I have to pay anything to enter?
No, this competition is open to all teachers, whether you are a member of English-to-go.com or not.  

Terms and conditions
Competition closes 3 July 2008.  Judges' decision is final.  If a photo of students is included, the winner must provide confirmation that students gave permission for their photo to be included. Photos cannot be returned. The resource created is copyright English To Go Ltd.


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Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

Environmentally Friendly Power Sources - Intermediate Instant Lesson
 - Wind power and sweet sorghum as alternative energy sources. (Zero, first and second conditionals.)

Infinitives to Express Purpose - Elementary Anna Grammar Worksheet
 - infinitive (to + base form of a verb) Explanation and student exercises.

Slim Peace - Advanced Instant Lesson
 - A dieting group where peace is the focus. (Palestine, Israel, collocation.)

An Educational Max Vocabulary Worksheet
 - Schooling words, explanations and exercises.

Top International Travel Destinations - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson
 - World’s top destinations. (Travel questionnaire.)

What’s The Purpose? - Elementary Weekly Warmer
 - Infinitive of Purpose, speaking and listening activities.


This month's teaching point is from An Educational Max Vocabulary Worksheet.

A teacher is a person who gives someone lessons ortells or shows someone how to do something.

A student is a person who is studying at a school or a university.

A pupil is a girl or boy studying at a school. Children at school are also called schoolchildren.

A girl at a school is a schoolgirl and a boy is a schoolboy.

Your site has been a great help to me.
Naoko, Japan

Thank you for your valuable service.
Natalie, UAE


Have a great week teaching!
The English-To-Go Team.
E-mail: sales@english-to-go.com