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ETG - North and South, Summer and Winter!

While ETG members down under may be experiencing wind, rain and snow, in the Northern Hemisphere others are in the middle of their summer. We asked four teachers from different places what they were up to at the moment:

First, to introduce them:

Frankie Meehan, teaching at a large international school in Singapore, Daryl based at Civil Library, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, Lynn teaching at the Fishing Industry School in Vestmanna and freelance Business English courses throughout the Faroe Islands and Elizabeth Smith, HOD ESOL at Penrose High School (soon to be renamed as One Tree Hill College) in Auckland New Zealand.

- Our first question was: What level and age students do you teach?
Frankie: My students usually range from 11 to 16 years old, though some years I also teach 17-18 year olds doing the International Baccalaureate "English B" course. Most can be classified as Upper-Intermediate or Advanced: they study all their content subjects through English.
Daryl: Adults, university students and high school students with backgrounds from the Pacific, Asia, and South America; all levels but mainly Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate.
Lynn: High school (English as a foreign language) and adults (Business English).
Elizabeth: My students are at high school - Elementary to Intermediate levels in English language proficiency.

Lyn and students


Next question: What's the weather like for you at the moment?
Lynn: Our average summer temperature is 11 degrees C, so occasionally the temperature can rise to 15 or 16 degrees C (very rarely higher!). Today there was very light rain, a lot of wind and overcast skies. It was about 5 degrees C.
Daryl: It’s mid winter --cold days with some sun.
Frankie: The weather in Singapore is hot and humid, as is the case all the year round; the daytime temperature is typically around 30 Celsius. But we can't grumble since the classrooms are all air-conditioned.
Elizabeth: We are having typical Auckland weather - unpredictable and changeable. Blue skies one minute - cold and blustery with thunder, lightning and hailstones the next.

- And our last question: What's happening with your students at the moment?
Daryl: The students recently finished end of semester 1 assessments, some will have a short vacation break but most overseas students will continue attending for the whole year.
Lynn: My high school students have just had exams, both written and oral. Some have graduated and the others are having their summer vacation.
Frankie: We broke up for our long holiday in late June and won't return until mid-August. Our students and staff come from over 60 countries, so at this moment you can find them everywhere from Albania to Zambia.
Elizabeth: Our students are full of 'flu bugs and about to begin their mid-winter vacation. All but the beginners are working on completing NCEA assessments.

Many thanks to our interviewees. And we will give a free one month gold English-to-go.com membership to the first teacher who emails us (editor@english-to-go.com) naming one Northern Hemisphere country that has a consulate in the Faroe Islands and one Southern Hemisphere country that has a consulate in the Faroe Islands.


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“Tom has a mile walk from school. I take him so he’s not too tired,” his father Robert told Reuters by telephone.
“I go as a spectator to all of his competitions. I always have done from when he first started. I didn’t want to be one of those parents who just dropped their kids off to a waiting bus or a mini- bus. I always made my own way there and if it’s in this country the whole family come.” (Reuters)

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This will be my third year of using your excellent resources.

Lesley, USA

It has been very useful and time-saving to use the ready-to-go lessons.
Jay, Brazil


Have a great week teaching!
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