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The Olympics are over and we've shelved our Olympic lessons. The newest lessons in the Teachers' Room include advice on how to eat healthily despite the economic downturn, and a modern day fairytale of how a man in New York used the Internet to find the girl of his dreams... and then lost her.


There are also plenty of activities for teachers who are beginning a semester with new students. Make sure you check out our Featured Lessons for interesting activities that help students to get know each other.


In September we will showcase the 2008 World's Largest Lesson which looks at two critical problems, the current global food crisis and the continuing tragedy of landmines. Be sure to teach it to your class during September. Check out news on the World's Largest Lesson and the background to this global educational effort here: http://www.english-to-go.com/wll/index.htm The lesson will be available for teaching during the whole of September.


Congratulations to Raewyn Diggerman of Queensland, Australia who has won our "Most Wanted Resource" competition.

Raewyn teaches a free conversation class at an outreach program for "some of the many students who come to Brisbane as both students and on working visas."

The Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson "Camels", complete with a picture of Raewyn and her students, will be displayed in the Teachers' Room during September.



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Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

- Trim the Grocery Bill, Not Nutrition
Food prices, fuel costs and economic fears are growing, but that doesn't mean you can't eat a healthy diet. Must/ must not/ should/ should not/ have to.

- Lots of Hot Dogs!
A tie in the world hot-dog eating competition, expressions of quantity.

- Online Instant Workbook - Lots of Hot Dogs!
World records, hot dogs, food, competitive eating, expressions of quantity.

- Romance Hits End Of The Line
He fell in love with her on the New York subway, set up a website to find her, but now the romance has ended and they're just good friends. Expressions of quantity.

- Weekly Warmer - Ask Me A Question
Great for the first class of the semester when students are getting to know their teacher and each other.

- Mind Your Manners
Shopkeepers in Beijing are being very polite. Present continuous, manners.


'Getting To Know You' resources include:

- Weekly Warmer - Conversation Strips - Meeting For The First Time
Teaching students how to greet someone and introduce themselves for the first time.

- Weekly Warmer - Silly Starters
This activity helps students remember each other's names.

This month’s Point of Interest is from the 'Romance Hits End Of Line' Instant Lesson (Intermediate)

For a web designer, it was love at first sight when he spotted a woman on a Manhattan train last November. But he lost her in the crowd so he set up a website with a sketch to find her -- www.nygirlofmydreams.com.

Unbelievably in a city of 8 million people, it only took him 48 hours to track down the woman, with his phone ringing non-stop and email box overflowing. One of the woman's friends spotted the sketched picture on the Web site and recognized her.

But after finding each other, appearing on TV and getting international press, the couple took their romance out of the public eye, with the man closing down the Web site and with both refusing to making any more comments -- until now.


Read more about this true story of love at first sight in the Instant Lesson Romance Hits End Of Line.

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