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Mr Coffee - Manchester, England!

"I clearly remember when I first heard about English-To-Go.com, about nine years ago. Someone handed me a postcard with a picture of a cup of coffee on it. It advertised English-To-Go.com, and the link between me, teaching, coffee and English-To-Go has continued from then on!"


"Even back then I was known as 'Mr Coffee', which is why I got given the postcard. A lot of teachers drink a lot of coffee, but I drink more than any other teacher I've worked with!"


"For me teaching is about energy and energizing. While students being excited about what they are learning creates energy and motivation in the classroom, it remains my job as the teacher to initiate that energy. Sometimes I'm jumping around the groups in the class just being excited about the topic and even the grammar point. If they see my interest and excitement, it rubs off on them. Maintaining my energy isn't always easy. Interesting topic materials and strong coffee help me maintain that energy!"


"English-To-Go.com's lessons cover so many topics that I can always find one that will excite a particular class. Sometimes each group is doing a different English-To-Go.com lesson. Each group has a different topic, one that appeals to that group. They then tell the other groups about the lesson, or do a combined worksheet, and because they are interested in what they have just done, they really communicate with energy."


"A coffee when I get up, a coffee before class, a coffee at each break... I read somewhere - perhaps in an English-To-Go lesson - that some people get nearly half their antioxidants from the coffee they drink. That would undoubtedly be me!"


"Sometimes my fellow teachers need to tell me that there is no need to 'energize' the staff room in the same way as I do the classroom. In other words: 'be quiet and sit down'!"


"A good night's sleep, a couple of coffees, a couple of interesting English-To-Go.com lessons, an energetic and motivated group of students, and I'm happy!"




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I've always admired your site and have finally made the decision to join.

Thank you for your valuable service.
Natalie, UAE


Have a great week teaching!
The English-To-Go Team.
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