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Featured Story
Whiz Kid, Homework For Sale and A School For All
This month's lessons feature the clever, the bizarre and the good in education: In Singapore a computer whiz kid (aged 9) who has already written a successful Iphone software program still has to do his homework every night. "Two hours of computer a day and only after homework," the boy said sulkily. (Intermediate Instant Lesson: 'Computer Whiz Kid')
A website that sells homework answers to kids? Is it a good idea? '"It turns them into consumers. The message is that for the right price you can get the results you want. It's nonsense," said one teacher in response.' Read about the website's aims, and its demise, conduct a discussion with your students on the pros and cons of homework and then finish by getting them to set their own homework. (Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson: 'Homework For Sale')
And just to confirm that people can make a difference, in a country where an education is often out of reach for thousands of impoverished children, the Kartini Emergency School in Indonesia is proving to be an exception.  Our lesson looks at one of the free schools, how it is funded and operated. (Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson: 'School For All')
In the mailbox this month we were delighted to get this response to last month's resource on Swishing (Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson: 'Swishing') from Carol Tebbutt at Waikato Pathways College, The University of Waikato in New Zealand, "Just wanted to thank you for your fabulous article and lesson on swishing – our work community really wanted to try it out and so got together to have a party of our own...
  ... a grand time was had by all and we thank English to Go for the chance to learn about an effective way of recycling. Bags and bags of clothes arrived at the party and only one bag was left to take to the Salvation Army
." Have a look at the photo sent in by Carol next to this month's free lesson.
Newest Resources
Click here to access the newest resources

Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

- Need a Granny?, Elementary Instant Lesson
A unit caring for the elderly is helping families to find a granny to hire. The elderly, retirement.

- Homework For Sale, Pre-intermediate Instant Lesson
"You can't do it? We're here to help," says the homepage of a new website. The website allowed children the chance to buy answers for their homework.
- Computer Whiz, Intermediate Instant Lesson
A 9-year-old student who has written a successful software application still has to do his homework every night. Children and hobbies, work, present perfect simple.

- School For All, Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
A free school in Indonesia offers education, meals, a uniform and school stationery to poor children. Poverty, education, used to for habits.

- Shopping, Pre-Intermediate Max Vocab Worksheet
Shopping words, pair crossword.

-An Anna Worksheet - Most, Most of, All & All of - Anna Grammar Worksheet
A grammar worksheet looking at these quantifiers.

- I live At The White House - Weekly Warmer
Students practice asking and answering questions to learn about the Obama family. Daily lives, present simple for routines and habits.

- Need Help with Homework? - Pre-Intermediate Instant Workbook
Read about a site that sells homework answers and learn about homework.
Skills: Grammar - word order, question order, present simple - to be, Reading comprehension - short answers.

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Try our FREE lesson at Selfaccess.com to mark World Earth Day - online listening, reading and writing exercises.

Your students can practise their writing with our free model essay:
Some people feel that it is the responsibility of every individual to initiate change to improve the environment. Others feel that only governments and large corporations can initiate changes that will have a significant effect. Explain both points of view and give your own opinion.

Featured lessons
Click here to access this month's featured lessons to mark World Earth Day (April 22).
Featured Resources include:

- King Bug, Advanced Intermediate Instant Lesson
Lilliputian land-based creatures and plants -- so far almost unaffected by humans: but what will happen as the earth gets warmer?
Antarctica, ecosystems, climate change and adverbs.

- Environmentally Friendly Power Sources, Intermediate Instant Lesson
Wind power is growing in popularity and a cornlike plant that can fuel cars and be a food source. Alternative fuel and energy sources, the environment.

Free lesson
Click here to access this month's free lesson

-Swishing, Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Swishing dos are parties where people swap second-hand clothes.

(Photo sent in by Carol Tebbutt, Hamilton, New Zealand)

This month's Point of Interest
This month’s Point of Interest is from 'I Live at the White House', a Pre-Intermediate Weekly Warmer. 

'Michelle Obama says the family have dinner together every night...Later, the president tucks the children into bed before they drift off to sleep...

Like other children, Malia and Sasha still make their beds, clean their rooms and clear the dishes from the dinner table. "People (here) want to make your life easy, and when you have small kids -- I've explained this to the staff -- they don't need their lives to be easy. They're kids," she said.' Thomson Reuters 2009

User Comments
Thank you for your excellent materials. They have helped me greatly.
Rosalie, Australia

Your materials have been very helpful.
James, New Zealand

I really have found English-to-Go to be a great resource and will recommend
it to anyone looking for teaching resources in the future.
Kevin, Japan

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