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This month our featured online lessons are on climate change. Try them with with your students.
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Has The World Gone Mad?

Our lessons contain details of a new cafe in Taiwan, which celebrates the Barbie doll. '"Every little girl has a Barbie..." said Henry Chiu, the owner of the cafe and president of Sinlaku Taiwan Co Ltd. "Barbie is a dream for a little girl. We want to make girls' dreams come true and build a fantasy world for them." "I feel like a Barbie doll in a fairy tale world. I feel like a princess," said Shiao Yu, a 30-year-old housewife.'

Read the article about the cafe and do the lesson with your students (Barbie Land - Elementary Instant Lesson.)

And April 1 was April Fool's Day. In 2011 Internet business networking service LinkedIn allowed users to connect with Ernest Hemingway and Living Social offered salami-based spa treatment. Find out whether the world went mad in "For A Laugh - Intermediate Instant Lesson".

We continue to assure of you of our sanity with our new Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson looking at the latest study of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and include an interview with nutritionist Shereen Jegtvig from About.com. (A Healthy Diet?- Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson) As well as that, there's a new warmer for gold members about China's new leader, President Xi Jinping, (World Leaders: Xi Jinping, President of China) and an Elementary level Max Vocab Worksheet on Crime and the Law (Crime and the Law - A Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Elementary).

From our mailbox this week, we were happy to receive a nice email from one of the founders of the Save the Bilby Fund in Australia. Frank Manthey wrote to us after we had emailed about our pre-intermediate lesson looking at the plight of bilbies in Australia and kiwi in New Zealand ("Easter Bunny" - Pre Intermediate Instant Lesson). Frank emailed "I am always grateful for resources which are sent to us which we can use to help promote the plight of the bilby. It is also wonderful to know that the message is reaching international shores too. Thanks so much for teaching your students about bilbies - we would love it if you would promote us through your work." You can learn about bilbies at http://www.savethebilbyfund.com (they are very cute!)

And did you/do you have a Barbie? This will be one of the topics we're exploring on our Facebook pages this month. We hope you'll visit.

P.S Don't forget to enter our Facebook competition for an Annual Gold Membership. Entries close on April 8th.

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Newest Resources

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Newest resources in the Teachers' Room include: 

- Barbie Land - Elementary Instant Lesson
The world's only Barbie cafe. ( Barbie dolls, yes/no questions, have got for possession, yes, he is/no, he isn't )

- A Healthy Diet?- Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
A Mediterranean diet high in olive oil, nuts, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables may help prevent heart disease and strokes. (Healthy diets, food vocabulary, crossword puzzle, What Is It?, countable and uncountable nouns game.)

- For A Laugh - Intermediate Instant Lesson
April Fool's Day, the international day of tomfoolery when pranks, hoaxes, and practical jokes remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. (April Fool's Day, tricks and hoaxes, listening for specific information.)

- A Holiday Fix? - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson
A dentist's office may not be everyone's idea of a perfect holiday destination. But a growing number of Europeans are traveling abroad for medical treatment to save money, or maybe to combine a visit to the doctor with some sightseeing. (Medical tourism, health, tourism, debating.)

- World Leaders: Xi Jinping, President of China - Weekly Warmer - Upper Intermediate and above
This warmer gets students to read for specific information in order to complete a biographical table.

- Crime and the Law - A Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Elementary
This worksheet looks at crime and the police and has a pair crossword puzzle exercise.

- Nasty Parasites - Instant Workbook - Upper-Intermediate
Parasites may get nastier with climate swings. There are three exercises to do. (Reading comprehension, Grammar - reported speech).

Featured lesson
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Earth Day 2013 - April 22
"The face of Climate Change" - It's up to us!

- Nasty Parasites - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
Parasites look set to become more virulent because of climate change. (Parasites, climate change, frogs, reported questions).

- Protecting the Animals - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Efforts to save tigers and kiwi birds. This lesson looks at conservation efforts in two different places. (Present perfect simple).

Free lesson
GO! See this month's free lesson
- A Healthy Diet?- Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
A Mediterranean diet high in olive oil, nuts, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables may help prevent heart disease and strokes.

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This Month's Point of Interest

This month's Point of Interest comes from one of this month's free lesson, the Intermediate Instant Lesson, A Healthy Diet?'.

English-to-go interviewed Shereen Jegtvig, a nutritionist from Guide to Nutrition, About.com on the Mediterranean diet.
If we want to change to a Mediterranean diet, how could we start?
Shereen Jegtvig: You could eat more fish, olives and olive oil, and vegetables and eat less red meat like beef and pork.
English-to-go.com: Do you think men or women eat more healthily or is there no difference?
Shereen Jegtvig: Generally, women prefer healthier foods like salads and chicken while men prefer less healthy red meats and fried foods. But, both men and women tend to eat too much, which can lead to excess weight gain, which isn't good for your health.
English-to-go.com: Is cooking one of your hobbies?
Shereen Jegtvig: Yes it is. I am not trained as a cook, so it's something I've picked up on my own. It's fun. Start by finding recipes that look easy to prepare with ingredients you know you'll like. Keep track of the recipes you like and you'll start to see certain patterns of which types of ingredients taste good together. Then you can start creating your own recipes or altering recipes. And don't be upset if you make something you don't like - it's okay, cooking is a learning experience.
English-to-go.com: What is the strangest thing you have eaten?
Shereen Jegtvig: Lutefisk. It?s cod fish that is dehydrated and processed with lye so it can be stored for a long time. Before you buy it, the lutefisk is soaked in water to make it soft again. It has a very strong fish-flavor, weird chewy texture and a strong aroma. It comes from Norway, which is where some of my ancestors came from, and it was a traditional holiday food where I grew up, near Fargo, North Dakota.
Lesson © 2013 www.english-to-go.com

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