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Welcome to english-to-go
The Wacky, the Hopeful, the Hardworking and the Wild

Our new resources include the wacky, the hopeful, the hardworking, the educational and the wild.

Every year on July 4 a bunch of crazy people gather to consume as many hot dogs as they can in 10 minutes. The 2011 men's world champion has an interesting eating style and for the first time there is a woman's world champion. ('Lots of Hot Dogs!' Elementary Instant Lesson)

A ray of hope for the US economy? Some manufacturers are choosing to base their production in the US rather than China. Why? Do the lesson and find out. ('U.S. Makers Moving Homeward?' - Advanced Instant Lesson)

Our new Intermediate Instant Lesson reveals how hard mothers work and how bad they are at asking for help from their partners. ('Mom Salary')

We bring you more rules and exercises for 'in spite of' and 'despite' ("Despite" Anna Grammar) and a worksheet on size prefixes (Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Prefix 3 - 'Size' Prefixes)

And for anyone who thinks a sleepover at home is too tame for a bunch of stir-crazy seven-year-olds. Now your local zoo may provide an answer: a sleepover at the zoo. ('Wild Sleepover?' - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson)

Something for everyone? We think so!

Have a good month.
The English-to-go team

Newest Resources  

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Newest resources in the Teachers' Room include:
- Lots of Hot Dogs! - Elementary Instant Lesson
Every year on July 4 the world hot dog eating competition is held in New York. The 2011 mens champion has an interesting eating style. (World records, hot dogs, food, competitive eating, expressions of quantity).
- Wild Sleepover? - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
For wild animal lovers not content with watching tigers and gorillas during the day, a growing number of zoos are offering overnight stays. (Sleepovers, zoos, writing questions using the present simple tense, present perfect simple, role play using present simple and present perfect simple, completing a crossword).
- Mom Salary - Intermediate Instant Lesson
Many U.S. mothers feel like single parents, whether they are married or not, and two out of three resent handling all the household chores even when they prefer their partners to stand aside, a new survey shows. (Mothers, jobs, occupations, income, subordinate conjunctions, linkers).
- The Running Of The Bulls - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
This lesson looks at the running of the bulls events in Spain and Mexico. Tourists love them, the locals say it's a tradition and animal rights activists want the events stopped. (Festivals, Spain, Mexico, animal rights, conjunctions).
- U.S. Makers Moving Homeward? - Advanced Instant Lesson
Why move production from the world's low-cost workshop back to a unionized U.S. factory where wages are six times higher than in China? (Efficiency. Business, China, the United States, brainstorming, despite and however).
- Natural Disasters - Fires - Weekly Warmer - Intermediate and above
This activity encourages communication between students using speaking, listening and reading skills.
- Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Prefix 3 - 'Size' Prefixes - Intermediate
A vocabulary worksheet looking at prefixes connected with size.
- "Despite" Anna Grammar
Exercises on the use and position of despite and in spite of.
- U.S. Makers Moving Homeward? - Instant Workbook - Advanced
Reading comprehension, Vocabulary - words for business and finance, homonyms. Grammar - past perfect simple and continuous.

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Featured lessons

Click here to access our featured resources: Everywhere you go, Always take the weather with you!

Featured Resources on the weather include: 
- Lightning Safety - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
Lightning, safety during thunderstorms, scanning, expressions using lightning, verb patterns.

- What's The Weather Like? - Weekly Warmer - Elementary
This warmer helps students practise asking about the weather and the climate, use weather vocabulary including adjectives and ask and answer questions.

Free lesson

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- Lots of Hot Dogs! - Elementary Instant Lesson
Every year on July 4 the world hot dog eating competition is held in New York. The 2011 mens champion has an interesting eating style. (World records, hot dogs, food, competitive eating, expressions of quantity).

This month's Point of Interest
This month's Teaching Point comes from Advanced Instant Lesson, 'U.S. Makers Moving Homeward?':

Surging China costs turn some U.S. makers homeward
On a recent morning at Master Lock's 90-year-old factory in Milwaukee, a cluster of machinery was whirring, every 2 seconds spitting out one of the combination locks used by American high schoolers as the company readied for the back-to-school rush. The seven-day-a-week, three-shift-per-day whirlwind of activity marked a change from two years ago, when the machine normally ran for just a few hours a day because the unit of Fortune Brands Inc was ordering more padlocks from suppliers in China instead of making them.

Why move production from the world's low-cost workshop back to a unionized U.S. factory where wages are six times higher than in China? Efficiency: The machine in Milwaukee is about 30 times as fast as the Chinese factories the company had been buying from, more than making up for the difference in wages. "I can manufacture combination locks in Milwaukee for less of a cost than I can in China," said Bob Rice, a senior vice president at the largest U.S. padlock manufacturer. The factory has added about 78 workers over the past two years, boosting its workforce to 440.

Master Lock is not alone. General Electric Co and Boeing Co are also part of the small group of U.S. companies that are boosting production at their U.S. factories. A variety of factors are driving the shift, including rising wages in parts of Asia, surging fuel prices and the complexity of transporting goods across the Pacific.

"What you're starting to see is the economics shifting more into the United States' favor regarding sourcing from the United States versus sourcing from a low-cost country," said Daniel Meckstroth, chief economist at the Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI, a Washington trade group.

There is an element of irony here. The United States' sluggish economic recovery, coming at a time when emerging economies including China and India are enjoying brisk growth, is helping its manufacturers to close the cost gap on their foreign rivals.

China's inflation rate hit 5.5 percent in May, well ahead of the United States' 3.6 percent headline rate. With Chinese wages rising at 15 to 20 percent per year, the labor costs of manufacturing in the two countries could pull even by 2015, a Boston Consulting Group study predicted in May. Rising oil prices, which drive up the cost of shipping goods by boat or plane, are also eating in to China's edge.

Automation also helps tilt the balance toward the United States. Bruce Crass, the Master Lock plant's general manager, estimated that his plant -- where the average worker oversees the operation of six high-speed machines -- produces 24,000 locks a day with about one-sixth the number of workers needed by the company's Chinese suppliers and rivals....
Thomson Reuters 2011
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