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One of the benefits of producing lessons online is that we can instantly update one with fresh news. This meant that we were able to keep you up-to-date with the arrival of Prince George of Britain in our hot topic lesson last month and this month we include we include our interview with popular Norwegian crime writer, Hans Olav Lahlum, who has the world record for the longest interview after spending more than 30 non-stop hours chatting in an online television broadcast. If your students wanted to know whether 'bathroom breaks' were allowed and what foods are good to eat to keep you awake, then this is the lesson to do! (Record Chat - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson).

A second benefit to making online resources is the flexibility. Check out our 'made-over' LivingEnglish courses. These blended learning courses of printable "teacher resources" and matching online lessons for students offer you so much greater flexibility than traditional textbooks can because we are always adding and updating resources; allowing you to choose those most appropriate for your students. We're excited abo ut our new site and want to share, so if you are a GOLD member, you and 10 of your students can sign up for FREE. If you are not yet a gold member, then we still have a great INTRODUCTORY OFFER that is valid until 30th September.

And what new resources have we got this month? We have a nice bunch of supplementary resources for gold members this month. A Max Vocab on when to use say something or tell a joke (Max Vocabulary - Confusables: Say and Tell) , a worksheet on noun phrases and clauses (Noun Phrases and Noun Clauses - Anna Grammar Worksheet) , a warmer on buying things in a store (How Would You Like To Pay? - Weekly Warmer - Intermediate) and online exercises on vegetables, uses of future structures and listening exercises in Not To Your Taste? (Instant Workbook).

There is also everything your students might want to know about what foods President Obama likes (Not To Your Taste? - Intermediate Instant Lesson) and the story of the unfortunate story of the tourist who came back from holiday with more than some great photos (Bugs, Bites and Parasites - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson).

This month we've also announced the winners of our ' Most Wanted Resource ' Competition. We asked you to send in an idea for a resource that you most wanted us to write. In the end we couldn't choose just one winner, so over the next few months we will be releasing new resources suggested by the following winners:

  • Peter Moody
  • Murray Peat
  • Rick Waltz
  • Nelda Motley
  • Carmela Chateau
  • Marie-Helene Fasquel

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all of you for sending in a great selection of ideas for resources. The winners receive a three-month gold membership and the resource associated with them will include a mention of them and a photo of them with their students (if they would like this!). The first resource from this to be featured is 'How Would You Like To Pay?' a warmer written in response to a suggestion from Murray Peat from New Zealand.

.Keep an eye on our Facebook page! Don't forget you can also find our "Editors' Picks" on Facebook. Each month we give away some of our editors' favourite lessons. Simply "like us" on Facebook to see them. Hope you too enjoy these resources!

That's all for this month!
The English-to-go team

Newest Resources

Click here to access the newest resources
Newest resources in the Teachers' Room include: 

- You're Kidding Me! - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
The latest fad in Tokyo - a goat cafe. Cafes, animals, present continuous, planning a dream cafe.

- Not To Your Taste? - Intermediate Instant Lesson
One American President loves this vegetable, another President hated it. What President Obama's favorite foods? P redicting using a headline, writing questions, summarizing the text, metaphors, writing a report, prepositions, future - will for predictions .

- Bugs, Bites and Parasites - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson
The tourist who got more than she bargained for on an overseas holiday and a cheap natural therapy for arthritis has been recommended by scientists - hirudo medicinalis, or more simply, leeches. Arthritis and treatments, parasites, could for possibility, ability and requesting .

- How Would You Like To Pay? - Weekly Warmer - Intermediate
This warmer gets students using the language for buying something in a store and includes functional language exercises, dialog and roleplay work.

- Max Vocabulary - Confusables: Say and Tell
Rules and grammar for using say and tell.

- Noun Phrases and Noun Clauses - Anna Grammar Worksheet
A worksheet with definitions and exercises on noun phrases and noun clauses.

- Not To Your Taste - Instant Workbook
What don't these Presidents like? Listening exercise, vegetable vocabulary, grammar - the future.

Featured lesson
Go! See our Featured resources: Festivals

Tomatina Festival - Intermediate Instant Lesson
Every year thousands of people pelt each other with 100s of tons of ripe tomatoes in the normally quiet Spanish town of Bunol. See you there!!!  Spain, tomatoes, festivals, third conditional

Wacky Festivals - Weekly Warmer - Intermediate
This warmer encourages students to think about different bizarre festivals.

Free lesson
GO! See this month's free lesson
- Record Chat
A crime writer has set a new world record for the longest interview for 30 non-stop hours chatting. World records, interviews, nationality suffixes

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This Month's Point of Interest

This month's Point of Interest comes from one of this month's free lesson, the Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson, 'Record Chat!'.

This lesson features a story about the world's longest interview. This month the lesson featuring the story about the world's longest interview is our free lesson.
English-to-go asked 13-year-old Chris to think of some questions for Hans Olav Lahlum of Norway and Tim Shadbolt of New Zealand.  Read our interviews with them. Here are excerpts from those interviews:

First here is Mayor of Invercargill, Tim Shadbolt of New Zealand:
What foods did you eat on the show?  Why did you eat these particular foods?
Tim: Freshly squeezed pineapple juice is the key - not stimulants like coffee or coke.
Chris: How did you stop yourself from falling asleep?
Tim: The advantage of an interview is that you are continually challenged.  Thinking keeps you awake....

And Hans Olav Lahlum of Norway:
Chris: What foods did you eat on the show?  Why did you eat these particular foods?
Hans: As I suffer from life threatening food allergy, the focus here was upon avoiding all dangers...so...the main courses were straight pizza and hamburger menus. I was too focused on answering the questions during the interview to think much about the food. We actually got a problem with our night meal as the pizza company suddenly denied to deliver when realizing the pizza was for me, fearing that my food allergy could abruptly end the interview... But the situation was solved and I was happily unaware of it during the interview. It was later reported as a "pizza-drama"(!) by the Norwegian press.  
Chris: How did you stop yourself from falling asleep?
Hans: Surprisingly this never became a serious problem. From about 18 hours I expected to become very tired any minute, but it never happened. The main challenge instead was that around 27-28 hours we ran out of the prepared subjects, and improvizing at that late stage proved demanding for both of us. If I had been prepared to answer about some more interesting subjects, I believe at least 5-6 hours more would have been possible for me without too many problems. I went to bed about that long after the interview, and still needed some time to fall asleep then.

Article © 2013 Thomson Reuters Limited. Lesson © 2013 www.english-to-go.com

For access to these and more than 1,800 other resources:
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