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Featured Story

Please Don't Kiss Santa

This Christmas, Santas in Hungary have been advised not to kiss children or shake their hands. This is to stop the spread of the H1N1 virus. Students can read about how Santa can avoid getting the flu and discuss different Christmas customs in our Elementary Instant Lesson, "Don't Kiss Santa". Continuing the holiday season theme, our newest Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson "Going Shopping" looks at the Christmas shopping trends of Britons and Germans in the midst of the recession. This year Britons are planning to spend less on gifts while Germans are planning to spend more.

For all of us who are still fascinated by the story of Cinderella, or the tricky question of how to find yourself a millionaire, our Intermediate Instant Lesson will be a winner. "Expensive Weddings" looks at the Cinderella fairytale, expressions of quantity and a ball held in Shenzhen for beautiful women wanting to find their Prince Charming.

Our Advanced Lesson, "Welcome to Clone Farm", is about animal cloning and takes a look at the future. "Consumers are likely already eating meat and drinking milk from the offspring of clones, which are technically not clones, without even knowing it." The lesson looks at the advantages and disadvantages of cloning, degrees of certainty and the second conditional. And for anyone wanting to know what the latest research on baby language is showing, our Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson, "Goo Goo Ga Ga", answers the question, "does your baby cry in French or German?" You may be surprised at the answer!

We also have a new Weekly Warmer, "What Did They Say?", looking at the Climate Change Talks which is part of our Featured Lessons on climate change. Finally, there is a past perfect Anna Grammar worksheet for Intermediate level students, and an Instant Workbook, "Projects Abroad".

Wishing you a very happy festive season and a wonderful 2010.

Best wishes,
The English To Go Team

Newest Resources
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Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

- Goo Goo Ga Ga, Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
The wail of a newborn may sound the same to the ears of sleep-deprived parents the world over, but according to scientists, that's not the case: Babies cry in the language their parents speak from the first days of life. Babies, fetuses, human development, language degrees of certainty, could, might, definitely, likely.
- Don't Kiss Santa, Elementary Instant Lesson
A government website is advising Santa not to kiss children or shake their hands in order to avoid passing on or catching the flu. Health and hygiene, H1N1 virus, flu, Santa Claus and festivals.
- Going Shopping, Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Britons are planning to spend less on gifts this Christmas than last year while Germans are planning to spend more. Shopping trends, gift-giving, Internet shopping, choosing a gift.
- Expensive Weddings, Intermediate Instant Lesson
Thousands of Chinese women are vying to attend a lavish ball in the southern boomtown of Shenzhen, lured by the dream of a possible fairytale match with a millionaire. Marriage, finding a partner, weddings, fairy tales, Cinderella, expressions of quantity.
-Welcome to Clone Farm, Advanced Instant Lesson
To the untrained eye, Pollard Farms looks much like any other cattle ranch. Similar looking cows are huddled in similar looking pens. But some of the cattle here don't just resemble each other. They are literally identical - clear down to their genes. Pollard says such breeding technology is at the forefront of a new era in animal agriculture. Cloning, advantages and disadvantages, degrees of certainty, second conditional.
- What Did They Say? - Weekly Warmer
An Upper Intermediate warmer that could be done as a review activity after students have learned about reported speech and looks at what some leaders hope the Copenhagen Climate Change talks will achieve.
- "Past Perfect Simple" - Grammar Worksheet
We use the past perfect simple when we are thinking of a situation in the past and then we refer to an action that happened before this past time. Practice with this Intermediate level Anna Grammar worksheet.
-Projects Abroad - Grammar Worksheet
These exercises look at volunteer work and give students further practice with the past perfect.

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Featured lessons
Featured Resources include:

- A Vocabulary Worksheet - Global Warming
A crossword puzzle and cloze exercise about the environment and global warming.

- What Did They Say? Weekly Warmer
An Upper Intermediate level warmer reviewing reported speech and looking at what some leaders hope the Copenhagen Climate Change talks will achieve.

Free lesson
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- Try Wrapping This! - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
Neiman Marcus 2009 gifts go luxury lite Neiman Marcus's annual Xmas catalog has 'out of this world' gifts to make customers smile, but this year's version is a luxury lite one. Christmas, very expensive gifts, role play, vocabulary work, summarizing.

This month's Point of Interest
This month's Teaching Point comes from the Intermediate level Instant Lesson, "Expensive Weddings".
'Thousands of Chinese women are vying to attend a lavish ball in the southern boomtown of Shenzhen, lured by the dream of a possible fairytale match with a millionaire.
More than 7,000 women from all over the country are applying for one of just 40 tickets to attend China's version of Cinderella's ball, where several multimillionaires will pay around $5,400 for the privilege of meeting them, the organizer of the event told Reuters.
"It's not just about the women finding their Prince Charming, but also the men finding their princess," said Cheng Yongsheng of the organizers, matchmaking website www.jiayuan.com.
"There are more and more single women in China nowadays who just want to find a good man. And if this man has money, that's much better."
As for the women, they will be stringently screened for their looks, physique and intellect, with marriage counselors on hand to judge whether they are "kind, gentle and tasteful," Cheng was quoted by the official Xinhua news agency as saying.'

Thomson Reuters 2009

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