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Featured Story

Recession Busters
On the English-to-go website this month we have lessons to get students talking and thinking about the recession, its implications and how to survive it.

In 'Getting Smashed', a Pre-Intermediate lesson, students read about a business that helps people release their frustrations about the recession:  they can pay to smash as many plates as they like while the Advanced lesson, 'The Personal Touch For Survival' looks at businesses who are succeeding during the recession and how they are doing it.

As the festive season starts, your Intermediate students will enjoy doing 'Work Dos' to find out why most workers hate the annual Christmas party. The followup activities include selecting and plan a social event for a business during a touch economic time.

'Try Wrapping This' for Upper Intermediate students has suggestions from the latest Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog for outrageous presents, '"The whole purpose of these fantasy gifts is to make people smile," says a Neiman Marcus spokeswoman.'

And don't forget to check out the featured lessons with a Christmas resources theme. 

Newest Resources
Click here to access the newest resources

Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

- Go Away ... Come Again Another Day, Elementary Instant Lesson
Employers want sick workers to stay at home but their employees disagree. Health and the workplace, negative instructions.

- Getting Smashed, Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Welcome to Sarah's Smash Shack, where customers can relieve stress by throwing plates against a wall as hard as they can.  Verb patterns.

- Work Dos, Intermediate Instant Lesson
Why British employees hate the annual office party. Brainstorming, writing memos.

- Try Wrapping This!, Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
The 2008 Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog has some wonderful suggestions for out-of-this-world gifts. Role playing, holding a press conference.

- The Personal Touch For Survival, Advanced Instant Lesson
What are some businesses doing to survive the recession?

- Affect Vs Effect - Max Vocab worksheet
An advanced worksheet looking at the meanings of these two words.

- Dress For Success - Instant Workbook
Why what you're wearing could help save the planet.

- Anna Grammar Worksheet - Subject Questions - Intermediate Worksheet
Explanations and exercises on this grammar point.

For access to these and more than 1,700 other resources

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Featured lessons
Click here to access this month's featured lessons for the Christmas season.
'Christmas' Resources include:

- Christmas In Different Countries, Weekly Warmer

- A Vocabulary Worksheet - Going Gift Shopping, Max Vocab worksheet

Free lesson
Click here to access this month's free lesson

- Germs Everywhere! Instant Lesson
An intermediate lesson - dirty hands, handwashing and hygiene. The best way to sterilize a sponge.

This month's Point of Interest
This month’s Point of Interest is from 'Getting Smashed', a Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson. 

'Insurance broker Adam DeWitt came with his wife for his birthday and took out their anger about not being able to buy a first home because the banks have frozen lending.

"It was the best $50 we've spent in the last two years, better than filling up your tank with gas, better than paying interest on your credit card," said DeWitt, 29...

The DeWitts plugged in some music by Guns n Roses, wrote the names of banks and politicians they don't like on plates and smashed away.

"Oh boy, we smashed some plates, a couple of TV trays, some cups and mugs. My wife smashed some glass flowers," said DeWitt.'
User Comments
Thank you for your very excellent service.
David, Italy

 I have used your instant lessons for many years and they have helped me and
my students with the reading activities. Thanks for your help and I wish you
continue with your great work.
Esperanza, Mexico

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