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Small Fry CEOs

Parents, scratching their heads at large grocery bills, and wondering whether it will ever get any easier, may be heartened by our latest Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson "Small Fry CEOs" which looks at the rise of adolescent CEOs in Silicon Valley. They may still be living at home, but some of these young people are able to capture the backing of venture capitalists to start making millions.

For any of you who have students asking about Easter, our latest Weekly Warmer looks at how it is celebrated in different countries around the world: Easter baskets, rolling eggs off roofing tiles or going out and shopping! All these things are covered by our warmer. We also feature resources on Bethlehem - "Famous Cities - Bethlehem" (Weekly Warmer - Intermediate) and what Easter is like in Jerusalem "Permits Required" - Advanced Instant Lesson.

Those students who love physical activity will be interested in our latest Elementary Instant Lesson on marathon running. The lesson has split readings looking at one runner who sometimes runs 7 marathons in a week, flying to various competitions in the USA, and another runner who runs all night. ("Running Over With Happiness")

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New Resources this Month

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 Newest resources in the Teachers· Room include:
- Running Over With Happiness - Elementary Instant Lesson
Two runners: One sometimes runs seven marathons in a week. The other often runs all night. Marathon running, hobbies and free time, introductions, present simple, be, like doing.

- A Different Taste In Music - Intermediate Instant Lesson
Chinese brothers who play on talent shows and an orchestra in Austria. What do they have in common? Their instruments are made from vegetables. Music, vegetables, China, Austria, suffixes.

- Small Fry CEOs- Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson

Venture capitalists say they are funding more chief executives under age 21 than ever before. Life style, young entrepreneurs, work, economic change, high-tech companies, venture capitalists, 'will' + infinitive.

- Were You Fooled? - Advanced Instant Lesson

The jokes played by newspapers and websites in 2011 - some of which backfired, the history of April Fool's Day and some strange-but-true stories. April Fool's Day, tabloid newspapers, hoaxes.

- Easter in Different Countries - Weekly Warmer - Intermediate and above
Asking for information, comprehension.

- Max Vocabulary Worksheet - On the Road - Max Vocab Worksheet
This worksheet looks at the road and the vehicles that we drive or ride in as passengers. Students can match the pictures and complete a crossword puzzle.

- A day in the life of a triathlon champion - Elementary Instant Workbook
Reading, Grammar - present simple. There are four exercises to do.

For access to these and more than 1,700 other resources

Happy Easter!
Need ideas for Easter lessons? The only thing as good as our resources is chocolate!
Easter Eggs
Featured Lessons

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Easter Featured Resources include:  
Famous Cities - Bethlehem - Weekly Warmer - Intermediate
This warmer gets students scanning for information about a travel destination, completing a table about it and then sharing information in small groups.

- Easter in Different Countries - Weekly Warmer - Intermediate and above
Asking for information, comprehension  

Free Lesson

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- Cyber School Bullies - Upper -Intermediate Instant Lesson
Parents around the world say cyberbullying is a problem says a new survey and in the Netherlands some children bully other children online. 12% of Dutch young people said other children bully them online. Bullying, cyberbullying, computer technology, schools, describing future plans, be going to..., discussion, asking for information game

This month's Point of Interest


This month's Point of Interest comes from one of this month's Featured Lessons, the weekly warmer, 'Easter in Different Countries'.

Easter In Diferent countries:

NEW YORK, Fri Mar 23 (Reuters)
Buckingham Palace from freefoto.comLebanon: Visitors will notice the ornately decorated streets, shops and restaurants filled with all things Easter from bunnies to chocolate, painted eggs and even live baby chicks in some places. Good Friday is marked by mass. Easter Sunday is a huge celebration where absolutely everyone goes to church. After taking communion, the 40-day fast comprising a strictly vegan diet, is broken with a feast featuring lamb and lots of egg breaking. Get your hands on the delicious Easter sweets called Maamoul. These are little cookies made with a mixture of semolina and butter then stuffed with either dates or ground sugared nuts and dusted with icing sugar.

Scotland: Easter in Scotland is a mostly laid-back event. The Scots do the traditional things commonly associated with Easter like attending mass and having a big meal, but they also add a bit of fun, particularly for the kids. Easter fun here is all about eggs. After they're boiled and painted in all kinds of colors and designs, they're taken to the park hills for rolling on Easter Sunday. While it may just sound like playtime for the kids, the event is very symbolic as it is carried out to represent the rolling away of stones on Jesus' tomb thereby assisting in His resurrection.

Seville, Spain : Seville in Andalucia is the most famed Spanish region for Easter celebrations. It has 52 different religious brotherhoods whose members parade through the streets for the entire Holy Week manifesting the crucifixion. Processions continue for almost 24 hours culminating in the jubilation of the resurrection which is observed by floats covered in flowers, dancing in the streets and traditional sweet cakes.

Sweden: Humor-filled celebrations commence on Easter Saturday with children dressing up as good witches setting the Easter mood by giving out letters and cards in return for eggs, sweets and coins. On Easter Sunday, food takes center stage where, in typically Nordic fashion, the feast comprises mostly fish. Edibles include different kinds of herring, a selection of smoked salmon, a hint of roast ham and various cheeses. Of course, the main attraction are eggs which are exchanged and later used in a game where participants roll them down roofing tiles to see which egg can go the furthest without breaking.

France: Church bells ring every day of the year except for the three days of Easter. Legend has it that the reason the bells stop ringing is because they've made a trip to Rome in order to be blessed. On Easter Sunday, the bells make their return and tour the entire country sprinkling chocolate eggs, chickens and rabbits as they go in each and every garden. After midday, children head to the gardens to find their hidden treasures left by the blessed bells. The day of events also includes a hearty meal, normally consisting of lamb, which is the Easter dish of choice in France. (Continued.../)

Thomson Reuters 2012

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