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The Museum of Dog Collars

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to talk continuously for 30 hours, then you'd better take a look at our latest Pre-Intermediate lesson, 'Longest Chat'. A Norwegian crime writer has just broken the record for the longest interview in the world. What did he talk about? What did he do afterwards? Do the lesson with your students and find out.

Perhaps instead your students would rather know about how many hot dogs it is possible to eat in 10 minutes. Our updated Elementary Lesson 'Lots of Hot Dogs' reveals how the experts manage to swallow them so fast.

Or maybe your students are wondering what to do in July? Our Featured lessons have resources on vacations and there's also a new Weekly Warmer 'Quirky Museums' on ten of the world's most unusual museums: A museum of dog collars? Toilets? There must be something there for all your students.

There's also a resource on hotels and room service 'Room Service Cleared Away' - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson , an Intermediate Instant Lesson on Norway's introduction of the draft for women 'Female Draft' and a new grammar resource on prepositional phrases and an updated warmer about Nelson Mandela.

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Newest Resources

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Newest resources in the Teachers' Room include: 

- Lots Of Hot Dogs - Elementary Instant Lesson
Every year the world hot dog eating competition is held in New York. World records, hot dogs, food, competitive eating, expressions of quantity.

- Record Chat - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
A crime writer has set a new world record for the longest interview for 30 non-stop hours chatting. World records, interviews, nationality suffixes.

- Female Draft - Intermediate Instant Lesson
Norway now has conscription for women, the first European and first NATO country to do so. Women's rights and gender equality, army, reported speech, the passive.

- Room Service Cleared Away - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Soon, the black-uniformed waiters wheeling trolleys of food will disappear from the halls of the Hilton Midtown. Hotels, New York, phrasal verbs and collocation.

- World Leaders: Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa - Weekly Warmer - Upper Intermediate
An updated warmer on one of the most important people of 20th and 21st centuries. This resource has a focus on prepositions.

- Quirky Museums - Weekly Warmer - Intermediate and above
This warmer gets students scanning for information about unusual museums and using persuasive language.

- Prepositional Phrases - Anna Grammar Worksheet
A worksheet with exercises on prepositional phrases.

- Don't Fire! - Intermediate Instant Workbook
Grammar - reported speech, the passive, Vocabulary. There are 8 online exercises to do.

Featured lesson
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- "On Vacation" Whether you and your students are on a vacation course, planning to go on vacation, feeling depressed after returning or just dreaming about holidays, there's a lesson here for you.

- Travel Plans - Advanced Instant Lesson
When Robert Reid last visited London he stayed in an apartment he found on a "couch-surfing" site. Role play, skimming, scanning, intensive reading, discussion.

- Holiday Blues - Elementary Instant Lesson
A survey by TripAdvisor, a travel website, found 34% of Americans felt depressed after they came home after a summer vacation. Vacations and work, understanding statistical information.

- Conversation: Vacation plans - Weekly warmer - Elementary
The language used to describe a vacation at the beach and provides some examples of the past continuous tense and saying sorry when you do not do something.

Free lesson
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- Quirky Museums
This warmer gets students scanning for information about unusual museums, completing a table about them and encouraging other students to like their museums.

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This Month's Point of Interest

This month's Point of Interest comes from one of this month's free lesson, the Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson, 'Longest Chat!'.

Norway crime novelist talks his way to live interview record
Thu May 23, OSLO, (Reuters) - Popular Norwegian crime writer Hans Olav Lahlum set the world record for the longest interview on Thursday after spending more than 30 non-stop hours chatting in an online television broadcast.
Lahlum, who rarely paused for more than a few seconds talked about different things including U.S. presidents and characters in his stories on the online show hosted by VG Nett.
The new record awaits approval from Guinness World Records.
Fast-talking Lahlum, who is also a left-wing politician, historian and top chess player, rarely stumbled. He also talked about kebabs and the way he likes mixing puddings.
"I think I can safely say that tonight I might go to bed a little earlier than usual," he said as he and interviewer Mads Andersen beat the old record of just over 26 hours...
Norway, a pioneer in slow programming, has shown several long television hits in recent years, and public broadcaster NRK earlier this year had a 12-hour show about a burning fireplace with experts discussing ... fire wood.
In 2011, it broadcast 134 hours nonstop of a cruise ship going up the Norwegian coast to the Arctic, making the world record for the longest continuous TV program.
And an earlier broadcast of an eight-hour train journey from Oslo to Bergen was so popular, NRK had to repeat it.
Article © 2013 Thomson Reuters Limited. Lesson© 2013 www.english-to-go.com

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