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Welcome to english-to-go
Russian Saints and Seeing-Eye Sheep

There are no common links between our happy selection of new resources this month - apart from the fact that they are all interesting, thought provoking and crafted to help your students want to do them!

Students learning another language will be particularly interested in our new Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson "Adding Chinese to ABCs" which looks at Mandarin immersion classes in American elementary schools and at language learning itself.  

Our newest resource on natural disasters is the warmer, "Natural Disasters: Tornadoes / Twisters" which gives students the dos and don'ts of behavior during a twister.  

A new report on computer addiction among teenagers is the topic of our Intermediate Instant Lesson "Computers Can Harm Kids" and students can extend their vocabulary knowledge with our latest vocabulary worksheet on prefixes.

How many world leaders are karate experts or do dare-devil stunts? Our Advanced Instant Lesson "Russia's Saint and Savior?" looks at what Russians think of their current leaders. Is being a bare-chested macho man good for a leader's public image?

And for a different kind of leading, our Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson "Seeing-Eye Sheep and Goats" has the heart-warming story of Sissy the blind horse, who is guided everywhere at her new home on a ranch, by a team of sheep and goats.

Very different resources, very different topics but they will all help motivate your students with their learning.

Have a good month.
The English-to-go team

Newest Resources  

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Newest resources in the Teachers' Room include:
- Seeing-Eye Sheep and Goats - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
A blind horse guided by five sheep and five goats. Animals and friendship, amazing stories, animal shelters, fact and opinion adjectives.
- Computers Can Harm Kids - Intermediate Instant Lesson
One in every 25 teens reported an "irresistible urge" to be on the Internet, tension when they weren't online, or said they had tried to quit or cut down on Internet time. Pros and cons of the Internet, teenagers, inventions, modal verbs, persuasive speeches.
 - Adding Chinese To ABCs - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
In Mandarin immersion teacher Kennis Wong's kindergarten class, her young pupils are making paper masks glued to sticks that they twirl between their palms. The children at Broadway Elementary in Los Angeles are learning to talk in English and Chinese. Language learning, immersion classes, study, present simple and will for habits and routines.
- Russia's Saint and Savior? - Advanced Instant Lesson
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin cultivates the image of a bare-chested macho man, but a nun-like sect in central Russia thinks actually he's the reincarnation of St. Paul, the apostle. Vladimir Putin, Russian politics, developing a media image.
- Natural Disasters: Tornadoes / Twisters - Weekly Warmer
How to stay safe in a tornado? This activity encourages students to use their own general knowledge while interpreting a text, discussion and decision making.
- Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Crime - An Upper-Intermediate Vocabulary Worksheet
A vocabulary worksheet looking at words to do with law and order.
- Lucky Pets - Pre- Intermediate Instant Workbook  
Two articles about pet trends in China and Britain. Grammar - comparative adjectives, Vocabulary - animals, Reading comprehension - multiple choice, completing a summary, Writing - using the pictures and the word prompts. There are five exercises to do.
- Prefixes 1 - Negative Prefixes - An Intermediate Vocabulary Worksheet
A worksheet looking at common prefixes that make words with a negative meaning.

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"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think." - Socrates."

Interesting, thought provoking lessons crafted to help your students want to do them!


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Featured lessons

Click here to access resources for World Environment Day, June 5 2011 .

Featured Resources include: 
Max Vocabulary Worksheet - The Environment  
An Upper Intermediate Max Vocabulary Worksheet looking at words connected with the environment.

Alaska's Hotting Up
Welcome to Alaska, where the blow of climate change will fall harder than on any other U.S. state. Records indicate that Alaska has already experienced the largest regional warming of any U.S. state. Global warming, droughts, forest fires, infestations of insects, True or False, understanding the main idea, scanning, finding synonyms.

Free lesson

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- Use it or Lose it - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
Experts say for those 65 and over staying active and fit can spell the difference between independence and frailty. "It's all about moving. "The phrase 'use it or lose it' works here. Aging, exercise and health .

This month's Point of Interest
This month's Teaching Point comes from the Weekly Warmer , Natural Disasters: Tornadoes / Twisters :

Dodging the "death tube" - tornado survival tips
Here are some safety tips from experts on what to do if a violent twister, dubbed "death tubes" by some, heads your way:
* If you are at home, find a reinforced, windowless area like an interior bathroom, closet, crawl space or hallway. Basements also provide good refuge, but stay away from outside walls. Try to crouch under the stairs or a heavy duty table to avoid falling debris.
* Be sure to protect your head and neck. "Put on a bicycle helmet or a football helmet," said Harold Brooks, a research meteorologist at the Storm Prediction Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If you're in a bathtub, another option is to cover up with pillows, sofa cushions or a mattress.
* Do not open your windows, and stay away from them.
* If you are in a car in an urban area, don't try to outrun a tornado, the Federal Emergency Management Agency advises. If possible, seek shelter in a building. If you're outdoors with no nearby shelter, lie flat in a ditch or a depression. Cover your head with your hands. "Don't stay in your car and don't park it under an overpass," said Brooks.
* Stay away from trees and cars if you are outside.
* Avoid shopping malls, theaters and gymnasiums where the roof might only be supported by walls, the Harvard Medical School warns. "If there is no time to leave, get under a door frame or something ."
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