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Featured Story

Fashion design, dresses and danger
English-to-go resources enter the fashion world with stories on fashion shows, a fashion designer helping convicts and the cheapest way to get the clothes you want without spending anything.

While fashion houses are trimming their fashion shows and focusing on the product, not the production, people who love clothes but don't want to spend money are having swishing parties:  bring any clothes you don't want and swap them for other people's clothes, while drinking wine and eating nibbles. 

Meanwhile, a fashion designer in the Philippines has braved the dangers of a maximum security prison to conduct fashion design workshops for prisoners.
"These people are also human beings, and they're creative...and they deserve a second chance," the fashion designer said. Prisoners learn how to create cocktail dresses and accessories which are then sold in boutiques.

We also look at whether the American Dream is still alive for young people in the US, the rise in foraging amongst urban populations and don't forget to check out our featured lessons to remember World Water and Meteorological Days on March 22 and 23. There's a great speaking warmer for elementary students on the climate and weather of different cities.

Newest Resources
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Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

- A Second Chance, Elementary Instant Lesson
Prisoners in the Philippines work with a fashion designer to learn how to make cocktail dresses. Prisons and rehabilitation.

- Swishing, Pre-intermediate Instant Lesson
Welcome to swishing--for people who want shopping, clothes and entertainment but don't want to spend any money. Clothes shopping in a recession, ordering a conversation, present continuous for future plans and arrangements.
- Thin Is Not In, Intermediate Instant Lesson
Fashion houses in 2009 are slimming down their expenditure on shows. Role models, fashion,  going to and will.

- The Gleaners, Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
It's closing time at a market in Belleville in Paris, and a young woman is rummaging through the abandoned crates for her dinner. Economic difficulty, scavenging.

- American Dream, Advanced Instant Lesson
Young Americans are still optimistic that the American dream is alive for them, despite the recession. Summarizing, verb forms.

- What's The Weather Like? - Weekly Warmer
Asking and answering questions, talking about the weather and climates of different cities.


- Swishing - Pre-Intermediate Instant Workbook
Practicing reading and using grammar - the present simple and the present continuous to talk about habits and what is happening now.

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Try our FREE lesson at Selfaccess.com "Water Drying Up" - 9 online exercises




Featured lessons
Click here to access this month's featured lessons to mark World Water Day (March 22) and World Meteorological Day (March 23).
Featured Resources include:

- What's The Weather Like?, Elementary Weekly Warmer
Asking about the weather and the climate, using weather vocabulary, comparing the weather of different cities.

- Weather Words, Max Vocab Worksheet

An elementary worksheet on the weather.

-Try our FREE lesson at selfaccess.com "Water Drying Up" - 9 online exercises. By the end of the lesson students will be able to:
Choose an appropriate title, Use vocabulary in context, Complete a summary, Listen for specific information, Complete a grammar cloze, Complete sentences using the correct word form, Do sentence transformations.



Free lesson

Click here to access this month's free lesson

- Traffic Fine - Elementary Instant Lesson
An Austrian woman has begun a 500-day jail sentence for ignoring parking tickets and a woman in Glasgow, Scotland, is one of the world's worst parking offenders. Parking and rules, bizarre stories, infinitive of purpose.


This month's Point of Interest
This month's Point of Interest is from 'Swishing', a Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson. 
It starts with drinks, nibbles and conversation and then guests start swapping clothes. Welcome to swishing--for people who want shopping, clothes and entertainment but don't want to spend any money. Pick a date, invite friends, prepare some food, let people browse the clothes they have brought while enjoying a glass of wine, then count down to the "Swish," and start swapping.

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