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Featured Story

What Does It Take To Be A Teacher?
Patience? Wisdom? Organization?
There may be a myriad of answers to this question but most teachers would agree that teaching requires dedication and commitment. There have been times in the classroom when my enthusiasm is running hot, the students are excited by what they're learning, and teaching has felt like the best job in the world. At other times my own momentum has slowed and it seems like I'm dragging the students through an interminable day. Teaching then is hard work.

So we're asking you in our competition this month to tell us what you think is required to be a teacher. It could be a list of qualities, or a list of items. Whatever you think, please tell us. We'll ask you to limit it to five things. Email us with your list of five things to with 'What It Takes To Be A Teacher Competition' in the subject line to editor@english-to-go.com.
We will enter your name in a draw to win a one month's free gold membership (for non-members) to English-to-go.com or a refund of your membership for one month (for ETG members). We will add all interesting ideas to our "What makes a good teacher" page on ETG.

Congratulations to Sylvia Lamoureux for her winning entry in last month's 'Spot The Mistake' competition. Sylvia won a one-month gold English-to-go.com membership.

And to help you in your teaching, we have all kinds of new resources this month, ranging from hosting a cosmetic make-up class with your students, to using the Internet to find the love of your life.

We hope it's a good teaching month for you.

Best wishes,
The English To Go Team

Newest Resources
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Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

- A Woman's Place?
Women are world leaders, CEOs and are 50% of the world's workers but a poll shows that 25% of people, most of them young, think a woman's place is in the home. Polls and statistics, gender divisions, adverbs.

- A Prince Among Men, Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Read articles about Prince William, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II of England, and share information about him to build a picture of what he is like. Prince William, Queen Elizabeth, sharing information, family.

- Making Up, Intermediate Instant Lesson
The average British woman's cosmetic bag is out of date by four years. Women are using cosmetics well past the use-by date. Debenhams asked 1,000 women aged 18 to 70 about the contents of their cosmetic bags and their understanding of the health considerations. Makeup, consumer issues, expiry dates, surveys, doing a makeover.

- Cyber Romance, Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
A worldwide poll showed that 30% of web users regard the Internet as a good place to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. Internet chat room relationships, 'despite', 'in spite of' and 'although', discourse markers, understanding a graph, writing an ad, interviews.

- Real Lfe Avatar, Advanced Instant Lesson
Activists say the story of the blockbuster sci-fi film Avatar is being played out in India. While Avatar tells the story of the Na'vi -- a clan of blue-hued humanoids whose existence is threatened by a mining corporation, in India's impoverished but mineral-rich state of Orissa, hundreds of indigenous tribespeople are battling to stop a development to extract bauxite from what they say is their sacred mountain. Development versus conservation, making a diagram, completing a timeline, completing a sentence summary, discussion.

- Complete A Picture - Drawing A Face - Weekly Warmer
This Intermediate level and above warmer helps students practice making appropriate questions to obtain information from a partner to complete a drawing, follow instructions and revise words to do with the face and makeup.

- Make" & "Do" - An Intermediate Anna Grammar worksheet
Some of the different uses of make and do.

- Instant Workbook - Not to Your Taste? - Upper Intermediate
Listen to Susan talking about food, read about some strange drinks, talk about people's habits now and in the past, and practise vegetable vocabulary. There are seven online exercises to do.

- ??Confusables - Stationary and Stationery?? - Max Vocabulary Worksheet
Words that are alike but have different meanings often cause trouble. This worksheet will help clear things up!

For access to these and more than 1,700 other resources

Win, Win Win!
"What It Takes To Be A Teacher
What IS required to be a good teacher? Send us five ideas! We will enter your name in a draw to win a one month's free gold membership!

You and English-to-go! Any questions? Email Editor@english-to-go.com
Our resources are used by more than 55,000 teachers in 190 countries reaching over one million students worldwide.
Fun, engaging, up-to-date resources based on Thomson Reuters® news articles.


Featured lessons
Click here to access resources on on World Water Day, March 22: “Clean Water for a Healthy World” and World Meteorological Day, March 23: “60 years of service for your safety and well-being".

Featured Resources include:

- What's The Weather Like? - Elementary Weekly Warmer
This warmer helps students practise asking about the weather and the climate, use weather vocabulary including adjectives and ask and answer questions.

- Weather Words - Elementary Max Vocab Worksheet
The word 'weather' means how much sunshine, rain etc. there is or how hot or cold it is. To find out about the weather, ask, "What's the weather like?". A vocabulary worksheet for lower level students.

Free lesson
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- Happy Travels - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
Taking the train in Japan and want to avoid annoying fellow passengers? Keep conversation to a whisper, turn down your iPod and put your phone on vibration mode, a recent survey showed. For Japanese commuters, noise is the biggest issue. Travel, manners, apologizing, direct and reported speech, article revision.

This month's Point of Interest
This month's Teaching Point comes from the Pre-Intermediate level Instant Lesson, "A Prince Among Men"

"Britain's Prince William said his boyhood dream had been to be a policeman and that he has a "Harry Potter scar" as a result of a golf accident when he was a child.
The 26-year-old prince, second-in-line to the British throne, also said in an interview broadcast on Wednesday that he would beat his younger brother Harry in an arm wrestling match.
"A long time ago I wanted to be a policeman, when I was younger," the prince told Alice, a 10-year-old cancer patient at London's Royal Marsden Hospital where he is a patron, in the interview for the BBC children's programme "Newsround."
"I soon learnt that probably wasn't a good idea."
William is currently training to be a full-time pilot with the Royal Air Force's Search and Rescue Force after transferring from the Army where he was a lieutenant. "It's going very well. My instructors would probably say, 'Not so well', but I think it's going not too badly," he said.
The prince also [said] how he got his "Harry Potter scar" on his forehead. "I call it that because it glows sometimes and some people notice it -- other times they don't notice it at all," he said."
Thomson Reuters 2010

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Your site has been extremely useful and helpful and I have no doubt I will return to it for help in the future.
Morna, Malaysia

Thank you for your good service.
Ryong Shin, South Korea

Many thanks for all these lessons.
Myriam, Belgium

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