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Welcome to english-to-go

In the editorial this month we would like to send messages of support and warmth to all the brave teachers and students in areas of the world that have been going though such difficult times recently.  In particular, we are thinking of the people of Christchurch, New Zealand after the earthquake of February 22 and the people of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami of March 11. 

Among the new resources this month, one of our favorites is "Sprucing Up The Down-At-Heel" (Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson).
In Paris' upmarket St Germain district, hairdresser Lucia Iraci spends her days coiffing the city's glitterati, including actors, models and musicians. Yet once a month she opens her doors to a more downtrodden clientele, offering free pampering and a dash of glamor to women from poor districts who are often long-term unemployed or victims of abuse and even slavery.  This lesson looks at both the lives of Iraci and the people she helps. In times when helping others is not just a good thing to do, but an essential, it may help to be inspired by a woman like this.

How much do you value free speech? Do teachers have the right to critique their students to others? And if we do, how careful do we need to be?  Read the story of the high school teacher who commented negatively on her students on a blog, and was then suspended after her comments were shared by a student on Facebook. (Teacher's Critical Blog Private? - Intermediate Instant Lesson) This is a lesson that is bound to cause a lot of debate among your students.

Please try to make this a month in which you watch out for, and try and help, the people around you.

Best wishes
The English-to-go team

New Resources this Month

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Newest resources in the Teachers· Room include:
- Choose Your Toy - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Movies and toys with the latest technology should help sell toys. Toys, children, technology.

- Teacher's Critical Blog Private? - Intermediate Instant Lesson
A high school English teacher who was suspended from her job after she blogged that her students were "rude, disengaged, lazy whiners." Free speech, teaching and students, adverb 'still'.

- Sprucing Up The Down-at-heel - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
An upmarket hair salon offers free makeovers to poor women. Hairdressing and beauty, amazing life stories, women's rights, helping others.

- A Clamor For Education - Advanced Instant Lesson
The problems with teaching and learning in Saudi Arabia and what is being done to remedy them. Education, Saudi Arabia.

- Famous Cities - Rio de Janeiro -Weekly Warmer
This warmer is an enjoyable way for students to find out about the city of Rio de Janeiro, capital of samba and Carnival.

- Lego Building New Business - Pre-Intermediate Instant Workbook
Read three articles about Lego and the New York Toy Fair. Grammar - present continuous. There are six exercises to do. 

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Featured Lessons

April Fool's Day:  April 1 2011

Featured Resources include:  
- April Fool's Trick - Intermediate and above Weekly Warmer
A warmer that is a good way to introduce April Fool's Day to students.

- Were You Fooled? - Advanced Instant Lesson  
This is all about April Fool's Day, with the history of the day, and some examples of strange stories in newspapers

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Free Lesson

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- Long Live The Book -  Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
Books may be in decline in other parts of the world but the book industry is thriving in India. Future of books, printed books and e-books, reading habits of different nationalities, India.

This month's Point of Interest

This month's Point of Interest comes from the Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson " Sprucing Up The Down-at-heel ".

"I like to think I bring something out in them, give them support, comfort and perhaps the pointers they need to go out and face the world ," Iraci told Reuters.

Nearby, a top make-up artist gave one of the women tips on eye shadow and blusher, while another woman lazed in a leather salon chair waiting for her highlights to take effect.

Born into a modest Sicilian family and placed in an orphanage at a young age, Iraci is no stranger to hardship.
After running away to Paris penniless at the age of 15, dreaming of romance and glamor, she found a job in a hairdressing salon and gradually fought her way to the top.
She then decided she wanted to give something back..
After starting her once-a-month days for women in distress, she is about to open a permanent salon, with help from the Paris Town Hall, offering haircuts for just a few euros in a poor northern district of Paris known as "Little Africa" because of its high immigrant population and high poverty levels.
Iraci knows she's only providing temporary relief to women struggling with situations she admits can be terrifying.
But watching her clients step out of the salon onto the affluent streets of St Germain, the transformation is clear.
" I feel like I'm walking on air," said Anne-Marie, 49, an unemployed mother of two battling to find employment.'

Thomson Reuters 2011

User Comments

I would like to thank you very much for your various and interesting articles. I find many helpful for use with students and colleagues.
Mami, France

I generally use your lessons for helping my students to practice English.
Maria, Mexico

I have found the website extremely useful and the lessons are great.
Jennifer, USA

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