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  Cash Mobs And Knot Tying
Whether you have pink hair, are competing at the Olympics in July, want to visit Wellington or love your Mom, there's something for you among our resources this month.

"Welcome Back" looks at the banning of a girl by her school after her parents agreed to her dyeing her hair because she had improved her grades (Elementary Instant Lesson).

Want to know what your accommodation will be like at the Olympics? Our Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson, "Olympic Accommodation", gives an intro to the Olympic Village in London: (Internet lounge, a bank, and beauty salon and spa, and only two people to each apartment.)

Planning a wedding? Our lesson "The Cost of Tying The Knot" reveals how much most American couples will spend on their weddings, the hottest wedding colours and when it's best to get married. ( Intermediate Instant Lesson).

The Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson "Cash Mobs" looks at social networking mobilising groups of shoppers to get shopping.

Our Featured Lessons honor mothers in support of Mother's Day. And windy Wellington, capital of New Zealand, is given a brief intro in our warmer. (Famous Cities - Wellington - Weekly Warmer.)

We hope you have a great month.

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Newest Resources
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Newest resources in the Teachers' Room include: 

- Welcome Back - Elementary Instant Lesson
A sixth grade student with pink hair can now go back to school. The school told the girl to stay at home but now she can go back to school. School uniforms, hairstyles, using will to make future predictions, designing a school uniform.

- Olympic Accommodation - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
In the London Olympic village, no more than two athletes will share a bedroom in the 2,800 apartments. The Olympic Village, London, treatment of athletes, hosting an international event, sport.

- The Cost of Tying the Knot - Intermediate Instant Lesson
A look at the cost of weddings in the United States and what's involved. A sushi station and interactive food stations? Cost of a wedding, planning a wedding, find someone who game, persuasive essays.

- Cash Mobs? - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
A group of online activists is harnessing social media like Twitter and Facebook to get consumers to spend at locally owned stores in cities around the world in so-called Cash Mobs. Cash mobs, spending, business.

- Famous Cities - Wellington, New Zealand, Weekly Warmer - Pre- Intermediate and above
Making predictions, reading for information, modes of transport.

- How Long Life is Good - Instant Workbook - Pre-Intermediate
Learn about amazing marathon runners and read about a film on happy older people. Skills: Reading comprehension, Grammar - quantifiers much & many, Vocabulary, Listening.
For access to these and more than 1,700 other resources:

Featured Lessons
Mother's Day, May 13th
These resources are about Mums.
- Mom Salary - Intermediate Instant Lesson
Many U.S. mothers feel like single parents, whether they are married or not, and two out of three resent handling all the household chores even when they prefer their partners to stand aside, a new survey shows. (Mothers, jobs, occupations, stress, income, subordinate conjunctions, linkers).

Need A Granny? - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Do you need a granny's love and help? A unit caring for the elderly is helping elderly people find new families. Families who need a grandparent can hire a grandmother or grandfather.

Featured Lessons

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- Trapped - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
A Swedish man was dug out alive after being snowed in to his car on a forest track for two months with no food and a man was trapped in an elevator for more than 40 hours. Being trapped, escapes, direct speech, punctuation.

This month's Point of Interest
This month's Teaching Point comes from one of this month's new lessons, the Elementary Instant Lesson, 'Welcome Back'

A sixth grade student with pink hair can now go back to school. The school told the girl to stay at home because of her pink hair, but now she can go back to school.

The girl's parents were happy when the 12-year-old girl improved her grades at Shue-Medill Middle School in Newark, Delaware. She told her parents she wanted pink hair. Her father helped her dye her hair. When the girl went to school the next day, the school told her to go home because of her hair. She missed 3 days of school. School rules say hair colour should be "a natural color, brown, blond, black, natural red/auburn."

The American Civl Liberties Union (ACLU) talked to the school and now the girl can go back to school.

Thomson Reuters 2012

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