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Featured Story

It's All About Feet!
This month's resources are all about feet! We kick off with resources in honor of the 2010 Soccer World Cup including "Crossword Chaos: Soccer (Football) Vocabulary", a warmer with soccer vocabulary to get your class ready for the impending madness. Our Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson "World Cup Hearing" tells you why you'll need your ear plugs for this year's World Cup and "World Cup Sickness", our Intermediate Instant Lesson, looks at how the Cup affects fans in their behavior and health.

On a heartwarming note we honor an organization helping to give leg amputees in developing countries a new lease of life. Our Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson "$40.00 a Foot" focuses on one amputee and looks at how his life changed once he had a new artificial limb. "A patient comes in the morning and can walk out on his own two feet by evening...He can run or climb trees in a month's time if he wants to."

And we look at TOMS Shoes, a business that was started with the goal of putting shoes on the feet of every needy child. Our Advanced Instant Lesson "Step Into Someone's Shoes!" looks at its founder and how this business has been established and grown.

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Newest Resources
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Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

$40.00 a Foot - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
When Bhoopnarayan Jha lost his leg, he did not want to live. When he got a new foot he walked after one hour. "In one month's time I could run and catch a bus." Health, new inventions, amputees.

- World Cup Sickness! - Intermediate Instant Lesson
Warning! Soccer could be dangerous to your health. This lesson looks at heart attacks induced by watching critical match points and a survey showing what fans are willing to give up in order to have their teams win the Soccer World Cup. Soccer, fans and health, Soccer World Cup, taking 'sick' days, making excuses, dictionary skills, multi-word verbs.

- World Cup Hearing - Intermediate Instant Lesson
World Cup fans should wear ear plugs to protect them from the blaring vuvuzela trumpets beloved by South African spectators, a hearing expert said. Soccer World Cup, hearing loss, sport.

- Step Into Someone's Shoes! - Advanced Instant Lesson
When an entrepreneur saw children walking barefoot on streets strewn with garbage and broken glass, he didn't just donate some money, he started a company with the goal of putting shoes on the feet of every needy child. Four years later his business has given away more than 400,000 pairs . Business philanthropy, children in developing countries, idioms.

- Crossword Chaos: Soccer (Football) Vocabulary - Weekly Warmer
Reviewing vocabulary in a fun way. Using clues to figure out missing words.

- Adjectives - An All Levels Anna Grammar Worksheet
Adjectives: their formation and rules for position in a sentence.

- Oil Slicks And Their Effects - Instant Workbook
The most recent oil spill in the United States and has a quick history of other devastating oil spills in American waters. This lesson also asks whether governments should be held solely responsible for protecting their citizens from disasters.

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Featured lessons
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Featured Resources include:

- Cheer Up! - Elementary Instant Lesson
The economy is weak in Japan but cheerleading is fun. Hobbies, cheerleading and adjectives.

- Trim the grocery bill, not nutrition - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
Food prices, fuel costs and economic fears are growing, but that doesn't mean you can't eat healthfully while on a recession diet. Nutrition, health, shopping and cooking, must/ must not/ should/ should not/ have to.

Free lesson
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- Family Holidays - Intermediate Instant Lesson
These days the family vacation often has three generations, and when it comes to [saying what to do], it's the kids in the driver's seat and the grandparents who pay. Families, vacations, travel, brainstorming.

This month's Point of Interest
This month's Point of Interest comes from our Teachers' Tips Page:

Teacher Tip: My students believe games are a waste of time!

Explain goals first, review afterwards.
You can help students feel confident that they are 'learning' by talking beforehand about what the purpose of the game is. Afterwards, review what was being learned or practiced. With a class of mature-age students who were highly suspicious of games, I wrote up a short summary each day of what we were covering and ticked each item off as we went. They began to feel more confident that I knew what I was doing and they were able to refer to the goals of the whole lesson and of each activity as we went along. After a few weeks, they began to look forward to the games, knowing there was a purpose to them.
Students teach each other a language point in lecture fashion, then again via a game.
Early on in the course, discuss with students how they perceive that they learn. Accept their ideas and suggestions.
Then introduce a language point and then practice or review it by having students teach each other in lecture fashion. Repeat the point using a game. Ask them which method was more memorable and why. Accept that students may still disagree with you that games can be meaningful, but challenge them to try something a little different, every so often.
Choose games carefully, not just using them to 'kill time'.
Make sure that the games chosen are meaningful and not just being used as fillers. A game can be an effective filler but can still provide meaningful practice of material taught that lesson if chosen with care.
Choose games appropriate to your class.
I remember watching a very small class which included one much older student in her late fifties trying to complete a shouting dictation with a much younger partner. The mature age student had a hearing problem and was getting very stressed. The teacher of that class had chosen an inappropriate activity and the student, who was a leader in the class, ended up resentful and reluctant to participate. Select games carefully, remembering the ages and abilities of your students.
Have one time of the week or part of the class that is allocated to games.
My class always found the hour after lunch on Fridays a hard time for study so I allocated that hour every week for different games reviewing what we had learned that week. I introduced prizes for team games and competition became intense. It became one of the times of the week that we looked forward to, and proved a useful way to revise some of the vocabulary etc that we had covered in class.

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