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Featured Story

Almost ten years ago, one of our first Elementary Instant Lessons was on Frenchman, Alain Robert who free-climbs sky scrapers. At that stage back in the year 2000, he had 'only' climbed 30 of the tallest buildings in the world. Now we have done a new Elementary Instant Lesson on Robert. ("Spiderman - Third Time Lucky") Nearly a decade later he has climbed more than 80 buildings, including the tallest building in the world, using only his hands and feet. '"As a young boy I was afraid of heights and [did not have] self confidence," said Robert.' Students talk about dangerous activities, do an information sharing speaking activity on dangerous activities and learn more about superlative adjectives.

In the developing world access to electricity is often restricted and many poorer people rely on kerosene lamps for lighting. This is hazardous, bad for the environment and expensive. Various microcredit organizations are making finance available to poor people who want to use solar lights instead of kerosene. In our Advanced Instant Lesson "Shine A Light" students read about projects to supply solar units to people in India and Bangladesh. ' "Salma Mohammad's small corner shop is lit by a solar-powered battery that she bought with a loan of 33,000 rupees from Sewa Bank. "This shop has helped me raise my children," she said. "The solar battery has improved our lives, given us much to be grateful."'

For those of you who enjoy a look at what the wealthy might buy each other for Christmas, our annual Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson "Try Wrapping This" looks at the luxury gifts of the 2009 Christmas catalog of Neiman Marcus, a chain of department stores in the USA. "If you relish intellectual delights, Neiman Marcus will arrange a private dinner party with some of the world's sharpest minds. The $200,000 round table event at New York City's Algonquin Hotel includes dinner and conversation with people like Henry Louis Gates Jr., Christopher Buckley and George Stephanopoulos." We also find out what happened to the even more expensive gifts available in the 2008 catalog.

And on the issue of whether people should be able to wear symbols of their religion at school, our Intermediate Instant Lesson "A Veiled Look" looks at an elementary school teacher in Egypt who wants to keep wearing the niqab, a face veil, despite a religious edict or fatwa being issued "barring women and girls from wearing the niqab in all-girl Azhari schools." As well as this, there's a new Weekly Warmer, a banking vocabulary worksheet with everyday vocabulary of banking and an Instant Workbook. We wish you very happy and productive teaching this month!

Newest Resources
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Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:
- Spiderman - Third Time Lucky, Elementary Instant Lesson
A Frenchman free-climbed the 88-story Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia using only his hands and feet. Strange hobbies, dangerous activities, superlatives, sentence reconstruction.

- A Veiled Look, Intermediate Instant Lesson
An elementary school teacher, would rather die than take off her face veil, or niqab, pushing her to the front of a battle by government-backed clerics to limit Islamism in Egypt. While a majority of Egyptian women and girls think it is an Islamic religious obligation to cover their hair and neck with a scarf, few Muslim scholars say the full face veil is mandatory. Wearing a face veil, religion, state and religion, culture, Egypt, sharing information.

- Try Wrapping This, Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
Our annual look at the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog with luxury and fantasy gifts. This year's catalog is luxury lite. Christmas, very expensive gifts, role play, vocabulary work, summarizing.

- Shine A Light, Advanced Instant Lesson
Vegetable seller Ramiben Waghri took out a loan to buy a solar lantern which she uses to light up her stall at night. The lantern costs between $66-$112, about a week's income for Waghri. "The vegetables look better by this light, and it's cheaper than kerosene and doesn't smell," said Waghri... "If we can use the sun to save some money, why not?" Renewable energy sources, developing countries, solar power, micro finance.

- Lucky Or Unlucky - Weekly Warmer
An Intermediate resource looking at superstitions, black cats and lucky and unlucky numbers.

-Banking - Max Vocabulary Worksheet
A Pre-Intermediate worksheet on the who, where and how of banking vocabulary.

-Operation Flower - Pre-Intermediate Instant Workbook

Flower power - A Tokyo district with lots of burglaries has turned to planting flowers to help stamp out crime. Exercises looking at the present perfect and students can complete a summary and listen to someone reporting a burglary.
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Featured lessons
Click here to access resources looking at health insurance and public health care.

Featured Resources include:

- Health Insurance For Everyone? - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson

There is much contentious national debate about U.S. healthcare reform and now many are solving their own problems - by joining healthcare cooperatives. Health insurance, discussion, completing a table, writing questions, matching ideas, pair crossword puzzles.

-Talking About Health Game - Weekly Warmer
This Intermediate warmer gives students speaking practice and helps them develop fluency through the use of cue cards.

Free lesson
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- How Would You Like To Pay? - Weekly Warmer
This Pre-Intermediate warmer looks at language used for shopping and paying for something.

This month's Point of Interest
This month's Teaching Point comes from the Intermediate level Instant Lesson, "A veiled Look".
"Egypt's state-run religious establishment wants [women] teachers...to remove their veils in front of female students, sparking a backlash by Islamists who say women should be able to choose to cover their faces in line with their Islamic faith.
"I have put on the niqab because it is a Sunna (a tradition of the Muslim prophet Muhammad). It is something that brings me closer to religion and closer to the wives of the Prophet who used to wear it," the school teacher said.
"I know what makes God and his prophet love me, and no sheikh is going to convince me otherwise. I would rather die than take it off, even inside class," she added...'' Thomson Reuters 2009

User Comments
Thanks for the help during the time I've been teaching English abroad in Costa Rica. Your materials have allowed me to work with little stress and have a great time; I'd recommend them to anyone.
Jonathan, Costa Rica

I have been using English-to-go for quite some time and find the lessons great! Thank you to all of you who make these lessons possible.

I have appreciated the quality of your units of work.
Philip, New Zealand

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