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Welcome to english-to-go

Featured Story

We Are Ten!
In November 1998 we celebrated the birth of the English-To-Go.com
website with an Instant Lesson entitled 'Lift-Off', a "special, launch-size EFL lesson on the latest space shuttle mission."

It is now 10 years on, and as well as Instant Lessons for five different levels of learners, we offer vocabulary and grammar worksheets, speaking activities, warmers, interactive online resources, suggested course outlines and the World's Largest Lesson.

English-To-Go.com also has a sister site, SelfAccess.com, providing a wide range of online learning resources for individual students and institutions.

With this newsletter we'd like to say thank you for supporting us. Many of you have sent us encouraging emails, telling us what you like best and what your favorite resources are. We've appreciated the feedback and comments.

Recently a teacher who has been a member of English-to-go since 2001,
and has just retired from teaching, sent us the following email:

"During the entire time that I used your material I found it consistently excellent, and both my students and I appreciated it."

We love to get this kind of email, but most importantly, we love hearing from you. Please continue to send us your thoughts about what we do, and many thanks for your support over the past ten years.

Newest Resources
Click here to access the newest resources

Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

- Too Busy To Write, Elementary Instant Lesson
Please don't send any more fan mail to Ringo Starr, drummer for 60s pop group, 'the Beatles', because he's too busy to reply.

- Money Money Money Money Money, Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
The credit crisis and tight student budgets hold no fears for a British teenager who won 7 million pounds. Lottery jackpots, students, unreal situations, first and second conditional.

- Germs Everywhere, Intermediate Instant Lesson
Importance of handwashing, keeping rooms clean and who washes their hands more: men or women? Cleanliness, health and hygiene, imperatives and instructions.

- First Lady, Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
What does it take to be first lady of the United States and what do you need to be and do as partner of a world leader? Michelle Obama, role of a first lady, non-defining relative clauses.

- Madonna, Advanced Instant Lesson
Singer, entertainer and the queen of reinvention, what makes Madonna so successful?

- Imply vs Infer - Max Vocab worksheet
An advanced worksheet looking at the meanings of imply and infer.

- Germs Everywhere! - Instant Workbook
A lesson for all levels that looks at washing hands.

- How Was Your Holiday? - Weekly Warmer
Gets learners practicing some common conversation points while talking about a vacation.

- Anna Grammar Worksheet - Passive
Rules and uses of the passive voice.

For access to these and more than 1,700 other resources



Featured lessons
Click here to access this month's featured lessons for World Hello Day and American Thanksgiving Day.
'Thanksgiving' Resources include:

- Find Your Other Half - Thanksgiving, Weekly Warmer

- Turkeys Galore, Instant Lesson
Each Thanksgiving, Americans eat about 535 million pounds of turkey.

Free lesson
Click here to access this month's free lesson

- TV Dinners, Instant Lesson
An elementary lesson - unhealthy eating and TV watching, diet, health.

This month's Point of Interest
This month’s Point of Interest is from 'First Lady', an Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson. 

'Michelle Obama, 44, says she would not want a direct policy role in an Obama administration.

"My first job, in all honesty, is going to continue to be 'mom-in-chief,'" she said in a recent magazine interview referring to daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7. She also says she hopes to focus ways women maintain a work-family balance and the needs of military families and she could act as an informal adviser to her husband as she has been during the campaign.

Obama, who grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood on the south side of Chicago and went to public school, often talks about her father -- who worked for the city's public water system -- and the values instilled by her parents.'

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I have enjoyed my membership.
Lynn, USA

Thanks for your valuable materials.
Ben, USA

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