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Featured Story

November is Movember month
November is Movember for many men. In a number of countries men grow mustaches to raise money and awareness for men's health issues like prostate cancer and depression. Our free resource this month is a fun look at beard and mustache trivia with facts about which countries have the hairiest men. "Top ten most mustache-dense countries." (Intermediate Weekly Warmer)

Have you ever stopped to think whether a typical 11-year-old would know what to do if suddenly confronted with an unconscious friend who has drunk too much? Our Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson "Lessons For Drunk Kids" suggests that we need to educate them for this possibility: The British Red Cross has started a campaign in response to statistics which showed that one in seven 11-16 year-old Britons has been in an emergency situation as a result of a friend drinking too much alcohol. Our lesson looks at the statistics and how this age group is likely to behave in a medical emergency.

For advanced students there is a topical look at the situation in Jerusalem in our Advanced Instant Lesson "Permits Required". Intermediate level students can learn about the opportunities available now for having 5-star hotel-quality American-style hospital care in hospitals at reasonable prices...in Cyprus, Botswana or the United Kingdom. (Intermediate Instant Lesson: "Hospital In A Box".) The hospitals use a model which could be rolled out in other countries in the future. '"The next challenge is can you do that in a number of places at once?" Weiner said, adding he would ultimately like to develop a turnkey system to hospital construction that can be used anywhere in the world, so that "we could in effect have a hospital in a box."' As part of the lesson there's a conversation game on hospitals and health care.

For teachers needing new resources for teaching vocabulary and writing, two of our latest resources include an Anna Grammar worksheet on "Coordinating Conjunctions" and a Max Vocab 'Suffixes 2' worksheet on Adjectives.

New Resources this Month

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 Newest resources in the Teachers· Room include:
- Hot Bodies - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Using body heat from train commuters to warm buildings. Energy, the future, word families, will used to describe facts in the future.

- Hospital In A Box - Intermediate Instant Lesson
There are no long admissions forms to fill in at this hospital and the service you get might remind you of a five-star hotel. The cost? No more than any other hospital. The catch? The hospitals are all overseas. Present continuous, pair crossword - health words, 'talking about health' game.

- Lessons For Drunk Kids - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
The British Red Cross has launched a campaign to teach 11-16 year-olds how to handle medical emergencies which arise from excessive drinking. Teenage drinking, first aid, medical emergencies, Red Cross.

- Permits Required - Advanced Instant Lesson
As a boy growing up in Jerusalem, Yacoub Dahdal saw Christians from all over the Middle East converge on the city at Easter time to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Palestine, Jerusalem, Easter, Christianity in the Middle East.

- World Leaders: Nelson Mandela, Weekly Warmer
Life of a former President of South Africa, prepositions.

- Coordinating Conjunctions - Intermediate Anna Grammar Worksheet
These conjunctions - and, but, so, for, or, nor, yet- are used to join clauses, words and phrases.

- Suffixes 2 - Adjectives · Max Vocab Worksheet
A worksheet on suffixes added to nouns and verbs to make adjectives. Suffixes, pair crossword.

- Hospital In A box - Intermediate Instant Workbook 

British "Health Tourists". Some doctors see this as impractical and feel it will move much-needed money away from training new doctors and building new hospitals.  There are five exercises to do..
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Featured Lessons

World Hello Day: November 21st, 2010 - Greet Ten People for Peace with our ETG resources.
American Thanksgiving Day: November 25, 2010

Featured Resources include:  
Find Your Other Half - Thanksgiving
This warmer is an enjoyable way for students to find out about Thanksgiving in North America. Intermediate

A tactile warmer to practice vocabulary for greetings. Pre-Intermediate

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Free Lesson

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- Top ten most mustache-dense countries - Intermediate and above Weekly Warmer
This warmer encourages discussion and practice scanning as students answer a quiz about the countries where mustaches and beards are most popular.

This month's Point of Interest

This month's Point of Interest comes from the Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson "Lessons For Drunk Kids ":

'One in five 11-16 year olds have been drunk - and have been drunk on average three times in the past six months. One in three of those aged 14-16 drink most weekends, with this group drinking on average 11 units - the equivalent of seven and a half alcopops or four large cans of beer/cider.

Official figures show 7,475 youngsters under 15 years in England were admitted to hospital with conditions specifically linked to alcohol between 2006-2009.

Many more injuries will have been dealt with by young people themselves. Only one in 10 young people rang emergency and less than half contacted their parents when faced with coping with an injured, sick or unconscious friend. A large number of young people who stepped in to help were left distressed as they were unsure whether they had done the correct thing. Close to half were worried their friend would choke on their own vomit or wouldn't wake up and 82 percent said that they would feel safer if they had some first aid knowledge.

"We need to ensure that every young person - irrespective of whether they're drinking - has the ability and confidence to cope in a crisis ," Mulligan said.'
Thomson Reuters 2010

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My students love your lessons!
Pam, USA

I've been enjoying your website for some years.
Christiane, Germany

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