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Hotel Exercises and Bird Danger
I can see no link between any of our new resources this month, but we think you will find them all enjoyable and interesting.

Business travelers are now more interested in ordering fitness equipments and services than room service. Students read about this in our latest Intermediate Instant Lesson 'Hold The Pillow Mint' and carry out some executive style activities as they brainstorm a marketing campaign for a hotel.

If your palate needs a little freshening, then perhaps your appetite will be awakened by our Elementary Instant Lesson ' Yum Yum'.  A store in Sydney is now selling bugs online for eating and bug confectionery:   chocolate coated bugs or lollipops with bugs in the center.

We look at the latest statistics for birdstrikes in the US: Students will learn about the number of strikes, cost and kinds of wildlife that do the damage and the ways in which airports try to rid themselves of this problem. ('Bird Danger' - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson.)

If you're wondering what a colon is for and how to use it, then our latest Anna Grammar Worksheet on colons will answer your questions and have you 'colonized' in no time.

Just some of the eclectic mix of new resources from us this month.

Best wishes,
The English To Go Team

Newest Resources

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Newest resources in the Teachers' Room include:

Yum Yum! - Elementary Instant Lesson
A store selling insects to eat and a restaurant serving them to customers. Some/any, much/many and ordering a hamburger.

- Hold The Pillow Mint - Intermediate Instant Lesson
Hotel chains are delivering everything from yoga videos to recumbent bicycles to guests who prefer to work out their jet lag, or shape up for that business meeting. Hotels, fitness, conducting an interview, writing an email, scanning, present continous. 

- Bird Danger - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
Damage by birds and other wildlife striking aircraft annually amounts to well over $600 million for U.S. civil and military aviation and over 219 people have been killed. Bird strikes at airports, dogs, alligators, verb forms, subject + verb.

- Renewables 'gold rush' - Advanced Instant Lesson
Renewable energy has created a "gold rush" atmosphere in Germany's depressed north-east, giving the country's poorhouse good jobs and great promise. Germany, renewable energy, business.

- Famous Places - Bethlehem - Weekly Warmer - Intermediate and above
Students find out about this city from a tourist's point of view: where to stay, where to eat, where to visit, where to shop. 

- Anna Grammar Worksheet - Punctuation - Colons
Rules on the use of colons.

- Aflutter - Instant Workbook
Hundreds of butterflies are emerging from chrysalises, taking flight, sipping
aphrodisiac and delighting children at London's Natural History Museum.
Skills: Vocabulary, Grammar - state verbs, dynamic verbs, Reading comprehension.

For access to these and more than 1,700 other resources:

Featured Lessons
Movember! November is Movember - men grow mustaches to raise money and awareness for men's health issues.
Our Featured Resources are all about mustaches, beards and male health issues. These resources include:
- Top ten most mustache-dense countries - Weekly Warmer - Intermediate
In a growing campaign to refer to November as “Movember”, men around the world are being encouraged to grow a mustache. This warmer encourages discussion and scanning.
- The Best Beard Show - Elementary Instant Lesson
More than 250 men met in southwest Germany for the world beard and mustache championships. Beards, Competitions, Past Simple.

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Are You Out There - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Men in black, Mork and Mindy, shining lights in the sky and more than 20 years of other alien visitations and bizarre sightings recorded in Britain's own "X-Files" have been made available online to the public. Aliens, legendary creatures, plural forms of words.

This Month's Point of Interest

This month's Point of Interest comes from the Intermediate Instant Lesson " Hold The Pillow Mint "
NEW YORK Mon Sep 12 In-room fitness options aren't limited to Pilates DVDs and yoga mats, although both are in high demand at most of the [Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company's] 78 hotels worl dwide, according to Deuschl. "We do folding treadmills and folding recumbent bikes," she explained. "The only things we can't bring to the rooms are heavy weights." She said women business travelers are particularly keen on exercising their in-room options. "Just as a lot of women don't like to sit by themselves in a restaurant, a lot of them don't want to work out in a room full of strangers," she said.

Celebrities also tend to prefer their rooms to fitness facilities open to a curious public. Gym shoes with hygienic, disposable insoles, gym clothes and 6 a.m. staff-led jogs are among the amenities considered standard at most luxury hotels, Deuschl said. You can even request a personal trainer if you call ahead.

The Kimpton chain of boutique hotels has provided guests in-room 24-hour yoga channel classes and a basket of yoga gear since 2003, according to president and COO Niki Leondakis. Pilates and meditation classes followed. Hula hoops and jump ropes can be had for the asking.

Leondakis believes the modern business traveler's focus on wellness coincides with the aging of the baby boomers. "Twenty years ago it was wine, dine and work, not about maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road," she said. "People today are looking at work/life balance in a more integrated way."
She said while yoga draws mainly women, both sexes are drawn to hotel-sponsored group runs and bicycle rentals.

Hoyt Harper, of Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, spearheaded Sheraton Fitness, the chain's $120 million initiative to expand both in-room and gym facilities, after a guest survey revealed increased demand. "Sixty-two percent of our guests told us they were very interested in staying fit on the road," Harper said.

Sheraton's workout-in-a-bag includes exercise cards, mats, and resistance bands. Harper said the foam rollers, which afford a mini-massage, are among the most popular items. But he said most guests prefer to use Sheraton's revamped fitness centers.
Thomson Reuters 2011

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