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Teaching would be great...if there were no students!
I'm sure even the most dedicated teacher has thought that sometimes!  But for most of us, students are what makes teaching great and we treasure watching them learn. The look on a student's face when they finally 'get' the present perfect simple (some probably never will, unfortunately!), their pride in giving a polished seminar to other students which has involved hours of planning, editing and practice, and a lively speaking activity which has everyone having fun AND practicing the particular skill you want them to focus on. These are some of the things that make teaching so worthwhile.

At English-to-go, we are committed to producing the resources that help you help students learn: activities that help them engage and motivate them to achieve. We've always been known for our interesting reading lessons and this month's resources in the Teachers' Room include lessons on the chilling effect of global warming on Alaska, a study on the different effects of eating breakfast on boys and girls and why the right clothes can help get a promotion in the corporate workplace.

We're also committed to helping students understand significant global issues and we invite you to teach your students our World's Largest Lesson which looks at two critical problems, the current global food shortage and the continuing prevalence of landmines. 

This lesson is available free to everyone during September at http://www.english-to-go.com/english/free_lesson.cfm and for news on the World's Largest Lesson please check out: http://www.english-to-go.com/wll/index.htm  The lesson will be available for teaching during the whole of September.

Newest Resources
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Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

- Dress For Success, Instant Lesson
Want that promotion? What you wear may be just as important as what, and who you know!
What to wear to the office, casual Fridays, understanding memos and pair work activities.

- Breakfast Study, Instant Lesson
Eating breakfast has significant differences for boys and girls, two studies suggest.  Countable and uncountable nouns and expressions of quantity.

- Alaska's Hotting Up, Instant Lesson
The effects of climate change can already be seen in this state.  Bad news for wildlife, good news for realtors.

- Sentence Snakes - Healthy Eating, Weekly Warmer
This warmer gets students moving around and thinking about word order and staying healthy.

- Anna Grammar Worksheet - The Present Continuous
A pre-intermediate worksheet looking at rules and uses of this tense.

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Featured lessons
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'Whatever the Weather' Resources include:

- Weather Words, a Max Vocab Worksheet
A vocabulary worksheet for lower level students.

- Ice Pops for Zoo Animals, Instant Lesson
Weather, animals and zoos, the present perfect simple.

This month's Point of Interest
This month’s Point of Interest is from ' 'Breakfast Study', Instant Lesson (Pre-Intermediate)

A new study suggests young adults may be less attentive in school when they skip breakfast. The effect of missing this meal is different in boys and girls, the researchers found.

The study noted that males reported being in a worse mood when they went without breakfast, and their visuospatial memory was also poorer, but this wasn't true of girls....

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I've had a good time with the materials in the website with my students.
Aini, Malaysia

I think this service is great.
Juanita, USA