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 Our Living English Comes Alive


Some years ago, an industrious team of editors worked diligently (and of course cooperatively, sensitively and creatively!) to harvest the choicest of English-to-go resources. Inspired by their dream to offer teachers the best resources, they carefully crafted a collection of collaborative and communicative classroom and online resources: the creative and cataclysmic result was Livng English.
Then after this long labor they set their collection free and sent forth messages far and wide with the news that Living English was now Alive!

If you didn't understand that last paragraph, then it's a good sign that you are quite sane! What are we trying to tell you? Here's the message in a less flowery way:

1. We have put together a blended learning package with four levels of English Language Course that we call Living English. Each level of course has 12 separate units. In each unit there are printable resources (Instant Lessons, Warmers, Anna Grammar and Max Vocabulary Worksheets) focused on a shared theme and/or vocabulary and language points. Each unit is then complemented by online English language resources for students with reading, writing, listening and vocabulary exercises on the same theme that can be done in the classroom or at home.

2. We are introducing Living English to you and if you're an English-to-go gold member, you and ten of your students can sign up for a month for free. If you're not a Gold member,  for only US$30.00 you and 10 of your students can sign up for 1 month. To find out more, go to our course and prices page.

3. Living English hosts the best of our materials, grouped so you can find resources of a particular skill and theme and offering you a choice of lessons. The course is regularly updated so you can expect to see new 'favorites' making their home in it and replacing out-of-date materials.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page! Don't forget you can also find our "Editors' Picks" on Facebook. Each month we give away some of our editors' favourite lessons. Simply "like us" on Facebook to see them. Hope you too enjoy these resources!

That's all for this month!
The English-to-go team

Newest Resources

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Newest resources in the Teachers' Room include: 

- Super Hero - Elementary Instant Lesson
He wears a green Power Rangers suit and a mask. He helps old people, passengers with heavy packages and mothers with baby strollers. He is a superhero. Helping other people, Tokyo, superheroes, prepositions of place.

- Expensive Counter - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
It's one of four surviving 17th-century French "pocket" calculating machines. Computers, pocket calculators, development of machines, antiques, opinion and descriptive adjectives, writing a description.

- Leftovers - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson
They are known as "shengnu" - "leftover women" - professional women who have not married by their late 20s. But the right man is hard to find, for urban, educated and well-paid Chinese women in a society where the husband's social status is traditionally above the wife's. China, professional women, words for discourse markers.

- Testing The Littlest - Advanced Instant Lesson
Exams for kindergarteners? That's the latest American trend. Exams for kids, summarizing, scanning, giving your opinion.

- Obstacle Course - Weekly Warmer - Elementary and above
A warmer for active students, this will help them review prepositions of place and movement and motion verbs.

- Weekly Warmer - Elementary and above
A warmer for active students, this will help them review prepositions of place and movement and movement and motion verbs.

- Let's Party - Max Vocab
This worksheet looks at words for parties.

- Sentence Structure and Paragraphing - Anna Grammar Worksheet
A worksheet on the basics of sentence structure and paragraphing.

- Party Bribes - Instant Workbook
At prom parties students will get expensive prizes and gifts just for turning up. Vocabulary, Grammar - present simple and continuous, state verbs.

Featured lesson
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Here are a couple of lessons from what we have on offer:

- Beauty Treatments? - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
Hollywood stars wanting to look their best for Tinseltown's biggest night of the year are being offered beauty treatments ranging from the lavish to plain loony such as $250,000 black diamond nail varnish and bird excrement facials. Beauty treatments and products, influence of consumers on manufacturers, zero conditionals.

- An Expensive Sandwich - Elementary Instant Lesson
A bear crashed a car after opening the door of a car and getting stuck. The bear smelled a peanut butter sandwich in the back seat and opened the door of the car. The bear climbed in and got stuck. Bears, bizarre events, conducting an interview, irregular past tense verbs, word search puzzle.

Free lesson
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- Not To Your Taste - Intermediate Instant Lesson
What's President Obama's favorite food? Metaphors, writing a report, prepositions, future - will for predictions

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This Month's Point of Interest

This month's Point of Interest comes from one of this month's new lessons, the Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson, 'Leftovers'.

The term "shengnu" - directly translated as "leftover women" - was coined to refer to professional women who have not married by their late 20s.
"Chinese people often think males should be higher in a relationship in every sense, including height, age, education and salary," Ni Lin, who hosts a popular match-making television show in Shanghai, told Reuters.
"This leads to a phenomenon in which A-grade men marry B-grade women, B-grade men marry C-grade women and C-grade men marry D-grade women. Only A-grade women and D-grade men can't find partners.
In Beijing, more than a third of women in their late 20s and 30s are looking for husbands, according to the dating website Jiayuan.com. Media reports say there may be as many as 500,000 "leftover women" in the capital.
There are plenty of men to go round among China's nearly 1.4 billion people, but social status can conspire against single professional woman once again.
China's population is more tilted towards men than in many countries due to the government's one-child policy and a cultural preference for boys. The latest census in 2011 showed there were twice as many single men born in the 1970s as women of the same age.
But unlike "leftover women", these "shengnan" or "leftover men" often live in lower-tier cities and do not make much money.
The Shanghai city government tries to help women like Xu by arranging regular match-making events. One in May attracted 20,000 single men and women.
Lucy Wang, a 32-year-old Chinese language teacher who attended the event, said all she could find were playboy types or momma's boys. "I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with me," she said. "Twenty thousand people and yet I can't find anyone I like.
Article © 2013 Thomson Reuters Limited. Lesson © 2013 www.english-to-go.com

For access to these and more than 1,800 other resources:
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