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Featured Story

Red Carpets and Resolutions
It's time for the red carpet to be rolled out again as the Oscars get presented on February 22 in the US: our Featured Lessons have resources on Oscar trivia, Academy Awards night, celebrity couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and movie vocabulary. Among the Featured resources, the Intermediate Instant Lesson 'Being Hollywood's Super Couple' looks at separate interviews given by Brad and Angelina, in which they talk of what it's like to have 6 children, and Angelina says she hopes to continue her 'nomadic, Earth-wandering lifestyle' with her family in tow.

We continue to supply topical lessons on the recession: this month students can read in 'Tightening Their Belts' about how young professionals in China are cutting their spending, with some aiming to reduce their expenditure to 100 yuan ($14.60) a week.

'New Year's Resolutions' is an Intermediate Instant Lesson focusing on practical ways people can reduce their level of debt and asks students to imagine that they run a debt reduction agency, using the advice given in the article.

Newest Resources
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Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

-- Traffic Fine, Elementary Instant Lesson
An Austrian woman has begun a 500-day jail sentence for ignoring parking tickets and a woman in Glasgow, Scotland is one of the world's worst parking offenders. Infinitive of purpose.

- Surprise Trips, Pre-intermediate Instant Lesson
Three German children who said they were fed up with cold weather set off on a voyage to Africa. Past simple and past continuous tenses, the prefix -un.

- New Year's Resolutions, Intermediate Instant Lesson
Many consumers have decided to make 2009 the year they whittle down their debts. Here's how to attack that pile of bills. Going to and will, problem solving.

- Tightening Their Belts, Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
A 24-year-old Beijing office worker has launched a campaign to curb weekly living expenses.

- King Bug, Advanced Instant Lesson
Antarctica's most fearsome land predator is a reddish bug. Antarctica, ecosystems, adverbs.

- Going To The Movies - Max Vocab worksheet
An upper intermediate worksheet looking at movie production and movie words.

- All You Ever Wanted To Know About: The Oscars - Weekly Warmer
Asking and answering questions, information about the Academy Awards.

- Anna Grammar Worksheet - The Past Perfect - Pre-Intermediate
Explanations and exercises on this grammar point.

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Featured lessons
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'Movies' Resources include:

-Being Hollywood's Super Couple, Intermediate Instant Lesson
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

- And The Winner Is..., Weekly Warmer
This warmer gets students to practice arguing for or against something, to discuss choices, and to express opinions.

Going To The Movies - A Max Vocabulary Worksheet looking at movie production and movie words.

Free lesson
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- Tightening Their Belts! Instant Lesson
An upper intermediate lesson - China's office workers are tightening their belts, cutting back spending on everything from clothes to fast food. The present continuous.

This month's Point of Interest
This month’s Point of Interest is from 'New Year's Resolution', an Intermediate Business English Instant Lesson.

'Here's the first step on how to attack that pile of bills:
-- 'Get a clear picture. Make a list of all that you owe. Include the name of the lender, the interest rate, the total owed, the minimum monthly payment. Include credit cards, cars, home equity lines, school loans, personal loans and mortgages. Don't lie to yourself; you can't fix it if you can't admit it.'

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