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Men in black and Post-Holiday Blues
Another colorful month at English-to-go. Our latest Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson looks at Britain's Ministry of Defence 'X-Files'. Did Mork and Mindy really visit? Are there aliens among us? Do this lesson and find out! ('Are You Out There?...' - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson.)

And in the Elementary Instant Lesson 'Holiday Blues' we learn the best way for recovering from post-vacation depression--Plan another holiday! Many Americans admit to feeling depressed after returning from a summer vacation and this lesson looks at what they do on return and how they try to cheer themselves up.

If you have a clever pet, you might want to get them to do this lesson. Beau, a black Labrador Retriever, is a whiz at math and can bark answers to addition, subtraction and division problems. Mimi the cat chased away a burglar. ('Clever Cats and Dogs' - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson.)

We also have new resources on Paris ('Famous Cities - Paris' - Weekly Warmer), abbreviations ('Punctuation - Abbreviations' - Anna Grammar Worksheet) and salute the New York Public Library with its recent summer scheme of forgiving juvenile readers their accrued fines by allowing them to 'read' to 'pay them off' ('Library Fines' - Intermediate Instant Lesson).

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Newest Resources

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Newest resources in the Teachers' Room include:

- Holiday Blues - Elementary Instant Lesson
  Americans hate going back to work after a vacation, a survey found and some will phone in sick or be late to avoid work. But the best way to cheer yourself up is to plan your next vacation.  Work, holidays, meetings.
 - Clever Cats and Dogs - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
A Labrador who is a math whiz and a cat that deters burglars? This lesson looks at brave and clever pets. Pets, bizarre stories.
- Library Fines - Intermediate Instant Lesson
The New York Public Library has waived fines for thousands of its juvenile members. They are welcome to return to the library and borrow books: How do they pay their fines? By reading. Libraries, debts, reading.
 - Are You Out There?... - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
Men in black, Mork and Mindy, shining lights in the sky and more than 20 years of other alien visitations and bizarre sightings recorded in Britain's own "X-Files" have been available online to the public. Aliens, legendary creatures, plural forms of words.
- Famous Cities - Paris -Weekly Warmer - Intermediate and above
Test your students' general knowledge about this city.
  - Anna Grammar Worksheet - Punctuation - Abbreviations
Rules and exercises on the use of, punctuation for and pronunciation of abbreviations.
- Sleep Time - Instant Workbook
When meetings go bad! An elementary online lesson with 4 exercises to do.

For access to these and more than 1,700 other resources:

Featured Lessons
Halloween! Our Featured Resources are all about Halloween and its origins, ghosts and the paranormal. These resources include:
- True and False - Halloween Trivia - Weekly Warmer - Pre-Intermediate
This warmer about Halloween encourages discussion.
- Ghostly Stories - Weekly Warmer - Pre-Intermediate
This warmer encourages spoken fluency through storytelling. A great introduction to a lesson about Halloween, ghosts or paranormal activity.

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Balloon Dress - Elementary Instant Lesson
A dress made from balloons? A Japanese balloon artist used 200 balloons for the mini-dress. Dress design, do/does as an auxiliary, shopping for clothes dialogs and language, completing a table of information about clothes.

This Month's Point of Interest

This month's Point of Interest comes from the Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson "Are You Out There? "
LONDON (Reuters), Thu Aug 11 'The files are available to view for free online for one month and include the tale of one woman and her daughter from the leafy London neighborhood of East Dulwich who said they saw lights in a worm shape, wriggling around in the sky before being visited by two men in space suits and dark glasses early one chilly January morning in 2003.

The men, who carried a clicking transmitter, introduced themselves as Mork and Mindy (ironically also the name of a hit U.S. television comedy in the late 1970s and early 80s about an alien who lives on Earth). The beings warned the woman not to look at the shapes in the sky because of possible radiation and offered to wash her eyes with a solution.  After inquiring about her star sign, they left.

Although entertaining, the files may prove a blow to conspiracy theorists who believe the government is withholding information about extra-terrestrial visitors...

Several of the UFO reports are handwritten letters to the MoD from members of the public who are adamant about the existence of what they have seen.

"As God is my witness it's true and you should take note of it because, who knows, one day they might come in their hundreds," warns one man, who sighted a large, silent object with a bright orange light lift off from the fields near his home in Wales in 2002.

In the same year another man reported seeing six spherical objects speeding around in the night sky as he and his son were going to a fish and chip shop in the northern English city of Lancaster.

Other files reveal that experts from the Defence Geographic and Imagery Intelligence Agency were called upon to examine a photograph of a "flying saucer" taken in 2004 outside a town hall in central England but could not reach any "definitive conclusions" on the contents of the picture....'

Thomson Reuters 2011

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