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  An Olympic Special
While the Olympics are on in London, use ETG resources to help your students learn and enjoy the Olympics at the same time.
Check our Newest Resources page as we update and add new lessons while the Olympics are on.

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The English To Go Team

Featured Resources

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Featured Resources include:
- Punching For Gold - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Teenage Afghan sisters fighting for women's rights as they join the Olympics as their country's first female boxers. The Olympics, Afghanistan, sport. women's sports, past simple tense: regular and irregular verb forms.

- Olympic Mini-Lesson - Olympic Discussions
Get a discussion on the Olympics going with this Intermediate and Above Olympic Mini-Lesson!

For access to these and more than 1,700 other resources:

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Free lesson

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- Eat Your Vegetables - Elementary Instant Lesson
Japanese coaches are telling a Japanese table tennis player to eat more vegetables before the London Olympics. (Koki Niwa, sport, diet, vegetables, the Olympics, quantifiers).

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