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FAQ - a list of frequently asked questions
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What is the World's Largest Lesson?
It is an attempt to get as many teachers and students from around the globe taking the same English-To-Go.com Instant Lesson. The day for 2008 is September 3.


The World's Largest Lesson is accessible to students from lower intermediate and above and the lesson is free.


Why take part?
Your participation will not only help to increase awareness of this important issue, but both teachers and students will receive a certificate of completion for the World's Largest Lesson.


Who can take part?
Any teacher or teaching organisation or teacher can take part. The free lesson can be taught to all students by simply choosing the lesson at the level you want. Whether English is their first, second or even third language, they may participate in the record attempt.

When will the World's Largest Lesson take place?
The universal day for the 2008 World’s Largest Lesson is September 3.

There are also past World's Largest Lessons and other landmine resources, which you could use.


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Photos and comments from World's Largest Lesson participants

More photos and quotes from previous World's Largest Lessons

Institution: Hogeschool Gent
Country: Belgium

"It was a very enthusiastic and sympathetic group, keen to learn, keen to participate and keen to help. We commend you at ETG for using this method to promote the anti-mining movement." Sylvia Lamoureux, St. Joseph Adult Education Centre, Canada.

Institution: Global Village
Country: Poland

Country: Israel


           Country: Peru



           Country: Peru

Country: New Zealand

Country: Ukraine

"It was a great opportunity to participate in such a lesson." Jose kolenchery, Al Musanna College of Technology, Oman.

Institute: Smart Institute
Country: Uruguay


"I did it with my homeschooled son (aged 6). I was amazed at how much he learnt. He still talks about doing the lesson now." Anna Watkin, Parent, New Zealand.

Country: Malaysia

Country: Malaysia