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The Lesson

Night of a Thousand Dinners

November 6 is the Night of a Thousand Dinners when people around the world share a meal to raise money for landmine clearance. This lesson looks at this event, some of the problems that landmines have caused in Afghanistan, and the dangers of landmines. (Landmine organizations, international issues, landmine clearance, effect of landmine explosions on ordinary people, especially women, Afghanistan, reading and predicting, making sentences, jigsaw reading, comprehension, sharing information, check your understanding.)


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There will be an Instant Workbook exercise as well as a SelfAccess lesson related to landmines released after the World's Largest Lesson has taken place. These will be available for free from the SelfAccess website. Instructions on how to access these follow up lessons will be sent to you via email.

Instituto Beato Vicente Grossi, Argentina 2002



Global Village, Kielce, Poland 2002

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