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Here are some comments from our subscribers:

“Your site is really a precious treasure for English teachers who really like to do a good job and develop their English language teaching methods. Many thanks for your efforts.”- Anouar, Tunisia

“Thank you so much for your weekly updating of innovative, authentic texts and a lot of great, creative, manifold tasks. All my students enjoy your texts and hopefully, they will learn to brush up their English. Super!!!”- Georg Lerner, Germany

“English-To-Go Instant lessons have been a wonderful companion in my classes. My students love them and we have improved and enjoyed ourselves. Thanks.” - Pilar de Diego, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain


“Please accept my long-overdue expressions of thanks for your wonderful service. I am preparing myself to teach EFL in the near future, and you've given me a wealth of resources to draw on. Also, thanks for adding the Elementary level section--it fills a real need.” - Don Marion, Minneapolis, USA


“Your web site is probably the best I've ever come across. Our college has subscribed and I am recommending that other educational establishments do the same. Keep up the excellent work.” - Sylvia Frier Rothfels, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


“This is an exciting and helpful site. This is a refreshing approach to English Language teaching. Thanks.” – Sue Palfrey, Plymouth, England

“I just wanted to add my thanks to the English-To-Go Team for creating such consistently great lessons each week. This is truly a wonderful resource for us busy teachers.” – Crow, Leeds, UK




“How wonderful to finally find a site worth returning to at every opportunity. Having grown tired of the mundane text lessons and class style, I decided to change my approach. I found the site three days ago and I tried one of the articles for the first time today. It was a success! Thanks!” - Ginia Aborom, Tokyo, Japan.


“As homeschoolers of 2 girls ages 11 & 7, we found this site very informative & interesting! Keep bringing more wonderful things to this site! We are always looking for fun & creative learning tools to bring to our children.” - Hunter & Gypsy Wolf, Czarnecki, USA.


“I'm a Middle School teacher in the UK and find these lessons absolutely brilliant for teaching literacy to Year 7 (11/12 year olds). Thanks a lot.” - Adrienne Ashley, UK.


“Every Monday at 8AM (9PM Sunday in New York), I come to the Internet class at our school, enter the familiar URL and get a new Instant Lesson. Sometimes it makes my students laugh, other times they start a discussion and never want to stop, yet other times they just do the whole lesson, all the tasks, and ask for extension work. It's a great way to start your week!” - Nina Koptyug, Novosibirsk, Russia.


“I work as a trainer and teacher trainer for DaimlerChrysler in Stuttgart, Germany. Your lessons are a great success! When hardworking German engineers and executives have to work even harder to brush up their English almost overnight, they certainly don't want to feel they are "wasting" their time on irrelevant stuff. Your material makes a welcome change from Engineering, Technical and Business English skills, and yet it is still something that they can get their teeth into because it’s authentic and state of the art. Keep up the good work!!” - Rebecca Sprengel, Stuttgart, Germany.


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