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These are the types of exercises you can expect in the Reading exercises in our Instant lessons.

These enable you to show your knowledge by giving

  • short answers
  • multiple choice answers
  • matching classifications
  • completing sentences
  • completing notes
  • completing a summary
  • completing a table
  • completing a form
  • completing a flow chart or diagram
  • selecting headings for paragraphs
  • recognising a writer's views or claims  
Reading Thomson Reuters News  articles - time saving lessons for teachers

Many ESL students and ESL test candidates find the reading section of many English tests the most difficult because they often run out of time.
Reading not only helps student's vocabulary increase, but will also help with their writing.
Remember the key to improving is lots of practice!

There are three styles of reading which we use in different situations: scanning for a specific focus, skimming to get the gist of something and detailed reading to extract information accurately by reading every word in a text. Our lessons will let you practise all three skills.

Skimming is used to obtain the gist (the overall sense) of a piece of text. Skimming means looking for general and main ideas, and important points in a reading. Skimming is used to quickly identify the main ideas. Skimming is done at a speed three to four times faster than normal reading.

In scanning you know what you are looking for, in skimming you don't.

Scanning is used to obtain specific information from a piece of text, a particular number, word, phrase, fact or supporting detail. Scanning means finding detailed and specific information that supports an important point or topic sentence. In most cases, you know what you're looking for, so you're concentrating on finding a particular answer.

Remember, reading not only helps a student's vocabulary increase, but will also help with developing their writing.

Excellent English language photocopiable lesson plans based on current news events from Reuters, new stories for English teachers, EFL teachers, home schoolers and K12 teachers. Just print and teach.