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Valentine's Day - 14 February 2023

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate romance and love.

Falling in LoveView PDF
This warmer gets students to read and look for spelling errors as well as understand the history behind Valentine's Day, discuss a topic and then work together to design a card.
Gifts to Kill a RomanceView PDF
Yahoo! Personals has some advice on how to ensure it stays on track by avoiding gifts that can kill the romance. Kristen Sasser, Yahoo! Personals' online dating expert, has put together a list of the top 10 worst gifts for new relationships after asking Web site users for suggestions. (Dating, gift giving, Valentine's Day, brainstorming, working with unfamiliar vocabulary, reading for gist, some/any).
Effects of Rom Coms?View PDF
Romantic comedies might provide 90 minutes of light-hearted fun but the happy-ever-after movies are also impacting people's real love lives, according to an Australian survey and a study in college dating suggests that American males enjoy teary, romantic "women's films" more than they are letting on. (Romantic comedies, differences between men and women, movie genres.)
International ValentinesView PDF
Chinese Valentine's Day, origins of Valentine's Day, Seven Sisters Festival, different customs in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, true and false, verb patterns with verbs, want and hope) Valentine crossword.
How much is your love?View PDF
Love comes at a hefty price in South Korea. There are up to 21 anniversaries, special days and celebrations a year for couples to shower each other with affection and gifts, and as a result some relationships are crushed under the weight of festivities. (Festivals and special days, romance, South Korea, discussion, matching information, comprehension, present simple tense - uses.)