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Stop landmines - world's largest lesson  

Help and FAQs!


Do I have to pay to do the World's Largest Lesson?

No, it is completely free!

What is the Academic level of the lesson?

The landmine lesson caters for students with varying abilities and skill levels from lower intermediate and above. The lesson is appropriate for both learners of the English language and students whose first language is English. Participants can be students from a variety of educational backgrounds such as English, Geography, Mathematics or History students. Home schooling students will be able to do it.


Do we need computers in order to teach the lesson, or can the lesson be printed out and distributed to students?

The lesson has been designed so that the teacher can download it, print it, and then make copies for students to distribute on September 3 2008.
On the printed copies of the lesson there is room for students to write their answers. Some activities will need to be done in the students' notebook. We have tried to minimize the amount of paper that teachers will be required to print out.


What form does the 2008 World's Largest Lesson on Landmines take?

The lesson is made up of a series of activities that take approximately forty-five minutes to complete. Teachers can choose to mark work as the class progresses, or they can check answers once the lesson is complete.






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