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World's largest lesson - Stop landmines
What is the World's Largest Lesson?

It is an attempt to get as many teachers and students from around the globe to take an English-To-Go.com Instant Lesson on the topic of Landmines and the Global Food Crisis during 2008.

Ever wanted to make a difference? Now you can! Take part in the World's Largest Lesson and help raise awareness to clear landmines!



World's Largest Lesson 2008 View PDF
This lesson looks at two problems: the prevalence of landmines and the current global food crisis. Countries with landmines have problems rehabilitating victims and being able to use land for farming. Commodity prices have soared recently and poorer people in many places are going hungry because the basic things they need to survive have become so expensive. There are four different articles so if possible allocate each student in your class to read a different article.
Level: Lower Intermediate and Above

Past World's Largest Lessons and Landmine Resources - Free to all students and teachers
Use any of these lessons to teach students about landmine clearance.

Casualties on the increase 2006 View PDF
2006 World's largest Lesson: - A record area was cleared of landmines worldwide last year, but casualties caused by the weapons rose by 11 percent. (Landmines facts, brainstorming, choosing the best answer, scanning, thinking carefully, research)
Level: All levels


A Global Issue View PDF
2001 World's largest Lesson: "Landmines take or wreck three lives an hour, every hour, every day of every year. We have to come together now to try to stop that," Sir Paul McCartney said on launching Adopt-A-Minefield UK, a new charity raising funds for mine clearance and landmine survivors. (global problems, the passive.)

Landmine Danger View PDF
2002 World's largest Lesson: The widespread use of these antipersonnel landmines has continued; a weapon that kills or maims thousands of people every year. The lesson is can be done by students from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced. (Understanding the main idea, information gap fill, true or false, multiple choice, and 'still' as an adverb.)
Level: Intermediate
Night of a Thousand Dinners View PDF
2003 World's largest Lesson: At the Night of a Thousand Dinners people around the world share a meal to raise money for landmine clearance. This lesson looks at this event, and the dangers of landmines. (Predicting, making sentences, jigsaw reading, comprehension, sharing information, check your understanding.)
Level: Elementary
Night of a Thousand Dinners
Level: Pre-Intermediate
View PDF
Night of a Thousand Dinners
Level: Intermediate
View PDF

Night of a Thousand Dinners
Level: Upper-Intermediate

View PDF
Night of a Thousand Dinners
Level: Advanced
View PDF

Poorest countries riddled with landmines
View PDF
2005 World's largest Lesson: Governments are doing far too little to remove unexploded bombs and landmines. Landmine Action said not only were children being killed and maimed as they unwittingly played with the brightly colored unexploded bomblets from cluster bombs, but land and antitank mines were slowing postwar aid delivery and development. (Landmines, world's largest lesson, postwar development.)
All levels
SelfAccess.com Lesson (Online Interactive Lesson. Click on the picture or title to go to the free online academic lesson.)
Landmine Toll
Landmines, war, international relations.
Landmines are still killing and maiming an estimated 25,000 people in 88 countries every year. Among the victims, who come from at least 70 of the world's poorest countries, approximately half are killed and half are injured. Virtually all survivors require at least one amputation, and eighty five per cent of children injured die before they reach hospital.
Skills: Analysing graphs, writing a Task 1 report, answering True, False, Not Given questions, listening for specific information.
Level: Upper-Intermediate

Demining Dogs
Eight dogs have finished their difficult training. They are part of Thailand's battle to get rid of land-mines. ('adjective + for + object pattern'.
Level: Elementary

How Good Is Your Nose?
This is about: a dog that has been trained to smell money; mechanical dogs that can smell land mines; and the high cost of a dog at the United Nations that can smell bombs. (Prepositions.)
Level: Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate

Topic: Maqsood is one of more than 1,600 beneficiaries of a micro-credit program launched by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Afghanistan. The program provides interest-free loans to Afghans who have been disabled, often by landmines, and are eager to start their own small-sized businesses. There is also an interview with the founder of SPBD, a microfinance organization in Samoa.
Skills / Knowledge Areas: Microeconomics, microfinance, Afghanistan, jigsaw reading, vocabulary in context, comprehension, past perfect, synonyms, discussion.
Level: Intermediate

Instant Workbook (Online Interactive Exercise. Click on the blue and white "i" icon to go to the free online exercise.)


Loans For Hope   Loans for Hope
Topic: A microfinance organisation.
Skills: Listening to the CEO of a microfinance company and vocabulary - prefixes.
Level: Intermediate



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